What is O Canada

O Canada!

Endless expanses, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people ... that was my image of Canada and I always dreamed of traveling to this country one day. When it turned out that I had the opportunity to do an internship semester abroad in the Canadian twin city of Windsor as part of my dual studies at the city of Mannheim, I had to seize this opportunity.

My dream came true and I was allowed to work for the City of Windsor in Communication and Customer Service for 2 ½ months. From the first day I felt very comfortable. People on the street greeted me, cafe owners started nice conversations, cashiers in shops were very friendly and especially my colleagues from the City of Windsor integrated me immediately and made me feel at home. My boss and his team were amazing. I was allowed to come to many meetings to get an insight into the working world in the twin city. I noticed almost no differences here. The meetings are very similar to those of the city of Mannheim; Except that everyone in Canada shows up with a Tim Hortons coffee mug. Basically, the working atmosphere is very relaxed. The social contacts are promoted and maintained, which is noticeable in the warm interaction with one another.

Among other things, I was allowed to help a “10th Anniversary ”of the call center, conduct a survey in the swimming pool, shoot photos of the city for brochures and create some marketing concepts and strategies. I really enjoyed these tasks and I was happy to be able to support the team.

In my free time I tried to see and do everything there was to experience in the area. In Windsor I visited the many beautiful parks, the wineries, the beach on Lake St. Clair and almost every day the magnificent waterfront on the Detroit River with a view of ‘the D’. Since Windsor is right on the border with the USA, I often drove to Detroit to go to cool blues bars, to baseball and football games or to have a good meal. I went on weekend trips to Toronto and Niagara Falls and Chicago. It was “amazing”! But the most overwhelming were my trips to Point Pelee to the southernmost point of Canada and to Tobermory to spend a typical Canadian weekend in a hut directly on Lake Huron. The nature scene is picture perfect.

I also added my vacation to my internship semester and traveled a little through the USA. I am so grateful that I was able to have all these experiences and make many new friendships. I would like to thank the City of Mannheim and the City of Windsor, who made this exchange possible and made me very happy. Many thanks also to my team in Mannheim. Especially to Mr. Kaliske, Ingo Kirrinnis and Mark Redlich for their support. Despite the great time in Windsor, I missed the Sports and Leisure Department. Thanks also to my "lucky charm" Ms. Dr. Wagner.

Also I want to say thank you so much to Jason, Joey, Dominic, Mary, Nora and Jill from the Communication and Customer Department for being such a great team and awesome people. Thanks a lot to MichaeI, Laura and Kevin from the Planning Department for spending nice lunches and coffee breaks with me. And last but not least thanks to the people of Windsor and friends I made, who showed me continually that they are lovely and that life is a gift. Thank you guys for making my trip so special!