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Backfilling the excavation - you should know that

Backfill area at the construction pit

The so-called “work space” is the space around the basement that is filled in the excavation pit. However, it is not simply "filled in" with a single material (such as gravel), but rather filled in and compacted in a carefully planned structure.

Many factors play a role when choosing the filler material. The most important factor to consider when choosing the filler material is the water stress on the backfilled space. The more water pressure can be expected on the building, the more permeable the filling material must be chosen.

Can the excavation be used for backfilling?

Basically, you can use the excavation to backfill the construction pit. After all, this has the advantage that the volume of the soil to be disposed of is significantly reduced - which in turn saves costs.

However, if the excavated soil is loamy, it should not be used for backfilling if possible. These types of soil are hardly permeable to water and are therefore often problematic.

In practice, you can also mix the excavated material with a little gravel or sand before backfilling, this further improves the seepage capacity.

Time of backfilling

Basically, the filling should also be done relatively quickly, the ideal time is the period immediately after the wall sealant has hardened. The sealed basement walls are very sensitive to the weather, so they should disappear into the ground as soon as possible.


The compaction of the backfill material (whichever is used) is of crucial importance in this case. If the filling is not sufficiently compacted, subsidence often occurs later on the building.

Insufficient compaction during filling is clearly the main cause when this problem becomes apparent. Often only the shear forces of the walls are rated too low and therefore not compacted enough.

When filling up, you must therefore proceed carefully and compress it sufficiently.

It is always filled in bulk layers of around 30 - 50 cm, which are each compacted individually. Always make sure that no water runs behind the backfill: This would weaken the backfill and not allow sufficient compaction.

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