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Attach the loading crane to the trailer

# 1Post from Filly » 2011-09-17 20:54:34

one of many winter projects is supposed to be a loading crane for my trailer. After some back and forth, I decided on one of these cheap pick-up loading cranes. They cost around € 200 and lift a maximum of 1t. That should be enough for everything that comes up with me and there are enough reports on the net that these cranes are quite useful.

The crux of the matter is the attachment. With 1t on 2m lever arm, something comes together. I thought of 2 possibilities, which are shown in the picture below (welds are yellow).

1) A continuous U-profile across the loading area and welded to the outer profile.
Advantage: simple construction, well-distributed force distribution
Disadvantage: expensive; no more cargo can be pushed against the front drop side, as the U-profile runs in front of it.

2) Part of the wooden floor between the outer profile and the frame is replaced by a steel plate.
Advantage: No waste of space on the loading area
Disadvantage: expensive; questionable introduction of force

I would actually prefer 2), but I don't know how the profile of the frame behaves when such a force is applied. Nor do I know whether something can be welded to the flange of the frame profile.
I have a lot of confidence in the outer profile, as it is also where the lashing points for securing the load are located.

What do you think of these two possibilities?

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