Is the LASIK permanent after the procedure?

Will I see worse again after the laser eye surgery?

Glasses right after the laser surgery? No reason to worry

The so-called Lasik procedure is used for laser eye surgery Part of the cornea removed. This changes the angle of refraction of the incident light so that the focal point is directly on the retina again. The result is a sharp image. Treatment is possible with:

  • Myopia up to -8 diopters
  • Far-sightedness up to +3 diopters
  • Corneal curvature up to 4 diopters


Immediately after the operation it can become too blurred or blurred vision because the eye needs some time to get used to the new situation. Visual acuity fluctuations are normal for the first few weeks. So it may be that you need glasses again from time to time after the laser eye surgery. Eyesight usually levels off again within two to three months.

Sometimes one happens during the procedure Over or under correction of ametropia. So it is possible that you will become nearsighted or farsighted again after the Lasik operation or that the opposite effect occurs. In this case, you can use your eyes re-laser. But you can't do that as often as you like. If the cornea becomes too thin, this can lead to complications.

Long-term consequences - when you will need glasses again after having laser eye surgery

Most patients no longer need visual aids in everyday life after having their eye surgery. However, there is no guarantee for the correction to 0 diopters. Years after the procedure, your eyesight may deteriorate again. The operation can still be worthwhile, especially for people with severe ametropia. Most of the time, the eyes do not get as bad again as in the initial situation. If you only had a low diopter number before the operation, you may only need one again after the laser eye surgery Glasses for driving or reading.

The Lasik operation does not protect against presbyopia

Presbyopia is often forgotten when imagining life without vision aids. About from the age of 45 Most people can lose their ability to accommodate, which enables them to see at different distances. Then at least reading glasses are required. Presbyopia cannot be treated with laser surgery. Therefore, the procedure is not recommended for people aged 45 and over.