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  1. So I'd be interested in programming, but not all along the line. But I'll post a few links to pictures that are really funny! Take a look at them, maybe you have something funny too!
    Funny 1Funny 2
    Funny 3Funny 4
    Well, my old collection of links has disappeared, I'm sure you still have some fun things in store!
    "How do you prove that you exist ...? Maybe we don't exist ..."

  2. C ++, Windows programming, DirectX development. Games ...
    I've already written a 2d tile engine. A few more nice building blocks and I could make a FF-like game, unfortunately I don't have time to develop it further, but if I should have more of it again, I will definitely go to the forum and ask people for support
    What are you doing ? Maybe you could complement each other?
    "How do you prove that you exist ...? Maybe we don't exist ..."

  3. Hehe, we complement each other well, I've already written the editor, say how do you hate your level. For me it currently consists of a block with integer variables. Which number stands for which component I have made in a separate file as a component index, so it is not bad for me to add an endless number of components afterwards. Figure already moves with RECT collision query ...
    "How do you prove that you exist ...? Maybe we don't exist ..."

  4. Hm, my system is much more complex, among other things. because it uses D3D.
    The map initially consists of a binary file that contains the definitions of regions. They divide the map into parts. Each region can have its own chipset.
    Then there are the definitions of the tiles, the animated tiles and the animations (for the tiles).
    The whole thing can then be "compiled" into a special format, so that the engine no longer has to do a lot of math when loading the map.

    Oh yes, here's something about programming games:
    I am currently in Japan and therefore don't have a PC at home


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