How much does an architectural visualization cost

Prices of a 3D visualization

High-end prices for 3D visualization: € 1,600 - € 12,000 per visualization

High end 3D rendering prices are usually reserved for the large, established companies that value the highest quality. These renderings are not for your everyday client as most budgets don't allow for the lavish visualization price. But if you are planning to market a new high-rise development or mall, branding and perception is of massive importance. A few thousand euros on a 100 million euro project is just a drop in the ocean, especially when these images can be responsible for hundreds of pre-sales or make the difference between approval and rejection!

One of the common benchmarks used to describe what a visualization customer would like their marketing images to look like is "I want them to have the modern look like Apple's marketing". However, what is often not mentioned when referring to Apple's marketing is the team of experts and the innumerable revisions it took to achieve this level. Not to mention the high cost of development. However, the money invested in quality branding and visualizations seems to have gone quite well for Apple.