Can people create a mountain range

Julia Kopatzki is going to the mountains for the first time in her life Unsuspecting in the Alps

SEE THE PROGRAM like this: cautious approach through the mountain panorama of Bavaria in Murnau, climbing the Osterfelderkopf in the Wetterstein Mountains at 2057 meters with a view of the Zugspitze and paragliding to really feel the height again. I will sleep in a hut and hike through the Höllentalklamm. Or do you say “the gorge”? What all of this means, I cannot assess beginners.

I have a Google ban, I shouldn't spoil my surprise. Mountaineering like Instagram hasn't been invented yet. What I can't ignore: people tell me things about mountains and climbing without being asked. Bed bugs on the huts, mountain air that feels like a heart attack, and always very worried looks when I say that I have borrowed hiking boots. Others report how their grandmother recently stepped on the Watzmann. My mother tells me that she climbed through the Himalayas in worn out sneakers. And whenever I say about my trip: “I have to…” someone corrects: “You can!”. As if this trip to hell was a privilege. I get mad at the mountains. And then I get scared.

In front of a mountain that is two kilometers high. Fear because I have no idea where my physical limits are, because I don't know how difficult the mountain tour is. Fear because I have to paraglide, pardon me, may. Fear because nobody takes my worries seriously and everyone quickly tells me a really bad story. It's ridiculous, but when I lie in bed crying it's all very real.

In a borrowed rain jacket, borrowed shoes and a borrowed hut sleeping bag as equipment, I get on the train and drive from Hamburg to Murnau am Staffelsee. The sun is shining in Munich, I buy a pretzel, and when the mountains open on the horizon on the way to Murnau, I have to laugh. They look small, anything but invincible. Even a beginner for me.