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Sell ​​OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 is the direct successor to the OnePlus 3 (LINK) and appeared in the summer of 2017. Since the number 4 is supposed to bring bad luck in China, the manufacturer has simply skipped the number, which, by the way, is also used by other Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, ZTE and Huawei could see. Compared to its predecessor, the smartphone has been greatly improved, with the main memory being particularly outstanding. The entire case also feels even more valuable with this generation. So it comes as no surprise that the self-proclaimed “flagship killer” became serious competition from the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7. In the meantime, however, the next generation has already been introduced, so that many customers are now selling their OnePlus 5 in order to finance it. FLIP4NEW is exactly the right provider on the Internet for this, as we take care of all the work and immediately carry out a fair OnePlus 5 rating.

What do you have to consider if you want to sell a OnePlus 5 online?

If you want us to buy your used OnePlus 5, you only need to provide some information about the smartphone. Important factors that significantly influence the price are, for example, the built-in equipment, the corresponding model and the current visual condition. If you include the original accessories, this is also reflected in the evaluation of the smartphone. Then send the device to us free of charge and we will immediately take care of the final deletion of your personal data. Especially nowadays, such tasks should be taken over by experienced experts so that nothing can go wrong. This service is completely free of charge for you if you sell your OnePlus 5 online at FLIP4NEW.

This is what makes the OnePlus 5 so unique on the smartphone market

The 5.5-inch touchscreen is equipped with full HD resolution, which is definitely standard in the industry. But that's where the everyday components already stop, as OnePlus only built in the absolute best that the market has to offer. This includes around 8 GB of RAM, which is otherwise more likely to be found in MacBooks (LINK) and other Ultrabooks. At least 128 GB of internal storage space ensure that you will never be pushed to the limit and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor guarantees you outstanding performance in daily use. Another highlight is undoubtedly the outstanding camera with its 16 megapixels. With it, pictures and videos in 4K quality are possible without any problems and the front camera is also convincing with its 16 MP. The Fast Charging technology is also very praiseworthy, thanks to which you can charge the smartphone in a few minutes, which is not necessary every day thanks to the 3300 mAh battery.

How do you benefit from selling a OnePlus 5 on the internet?

At FLIP4NEW you enjoy many advantages when you sell your OnePlus 5. We not only take care of the entire process, but will also immediately calculate a fair OnePlus 5 price for you. This is not subject to any fluctuations and is not reduced by possible fees, as these do not exist with us at all. You no longer need to write long product descriptions and you no longer have to rely on the bids of other users. Instead, you benefit from guaranteed fixed prices and a lightning-fast payout, thanks to which the money is immediately in your account. It's that easy to sell your used OnePlus 5 online only at FLIP4NEW.