What are your tools for self improvement


New Years Resolutions - What Happened to Them?

2020 hasn't been the best year especially when it comes to resolutions revolving around self improvement. Self-isolation and stress-eating are probably not even the worst new habits.

The resolutions for 2021 have either already been fulfilled or have long been forgotten. But if you set yourself goals, you can achieve them.

Apps can help

Self improvement has to be something that is worked on every day. One of the ways you don't have to slack off is with an app that will help you keep track of your goals.

Apps for fitness, healthy eating, quitting smoking, mediation, finance, and many other things come in every shape and color. You too can find exactly the right app that suits you.

But, and this is a big but, be careful that these apps don't take over your life and make you feel bad if you fail to achieve a goal. They are there to help, not boss around you.

Online books, blogs and forums

There are a number of books available online and many of them are free. Many authors started blogging and then became so successful that they put their posts in book form. All you have to do is download a book and learn something new.

The best books are, of course, those that don't make you fall asleep just reading the table of contents. Find sources that make you laugh, that don't take the topic too seriously, but that still have good advice for you. Then you can change your life in no time and it won't be that annoying anymore.