What date was Christopher Columbus born?

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On the way to India, Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12, 1492, and thought it was India. Until his death, however, the seafarer never found out about his mistake.

The discoverer Columbus.
Columbus * was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451. At first he worked - just like his father - as a wool weaver. But Columbus was an inquisitive adventurer and he was very fascinated by the sea.
That is why he preferred to go to sea as a merchant. India was then the Land of gold and spices.
So Columbus decided that the Portugal-India route should be his "commute". To get to India you had to sail east past Africa by ship. Columbus intended to shorten the way. He already knew that the earth was a sphere and wanted to try westwards.
Support from Spain

The Portuguese royal family did not support this idea; but the Spanish royal family even promoted Columbus. The Spanish royal couple provided Columbus with three ships and crews. On August 3, 1492 the time had come. Columbus set sail and landed 529 years ago today. In his opinion, he entered India. That is why he called the inhabitants "Indians".

A new continent?

In fact, Columbus landed on a continent that Europeans did not know at the time: America. He went ashore on an island in the Bahamas. Columbus made three more great journeys to his "India". The discoverer of America died on May 20, 1506.
Europeans had already been to the American continent 500 years before Columbus. This included, for example, the Icelander and Viking Leif Eriksson. Traces of Viking settlements have been discovered in Newfoundland, Canada. But it was not until Christopher Columbus landed in America in 1492 that the history of America and Europe changed. After Columbus, the American continent was explored further and further and finally conquered. That is why Columbus is now regarded as the "discoverer of America".

Consequences for the people of America

When one speaks of the "discovery" of America, this reflects the point of view of Europeans who did not know the continent before. But people lived on the continent long before the arrival of Europeans: the natives, who are known as the "indigenous" population. The European states waged wars of conquest on the American continent. They oppressed the indigenous people, persecuted and humiliated them, and abused them as slaves. Many of the indigenous people's cultural treasures were stolen or destroyed. To this day, many descendants of the indigenous people suffer from the consequences of this policy of conquest.

* in Italian his name is Cristoforo Colombo