Haxe is a good programming language

One language, everywhere.

Knuckle (spoken like hex) is a open source Programming language.

In contrast to other platform-independent programming languages ​​(such as Java, C # or ActionScript), which are bound to their own runtime environment (i.e. JVM, .NET CLR and Flash Player), it is with Knuckle possible to run programs in several runtime environments.

Knuckle can be used for the following runtime environments:

  • Javascript : It is possible to compile Haxe programs into files. You can get access to a typed DOM API browser with autocompletion. All dependencies are also resolved during compilation.
  • Flash : It is possible to compile Haxe programs to ".swf" files. Flash Player 6 to 10 are supported. Either with the "old" Flash <8 API, or the latest AS3 / Flash 10 API. Haxe offers very good performance and Language support in Flash development.
  • NekoVM : It is possible to compile Haxe programs to NekoVM bytecode. This can be for Server-side Programming such as dynamic web pages (using for Apache), as well as for Command line and Desktop applications can be used because NekoVM can be flexibly embedded and expanded.
  • PHP : It is possible to compile Haxe programs into files. This enables the use of the strongly typed, high-level programming language Haxe, whereby you do not have to change your existing PHP libraries or your server platform.
  • C ++ : It is now possible to create C ++ code from your Haxe source code including the required Makefiles. This is very useful for creating real applications, for example for the iPhone.

Haxe gives developers the opportunity to use the best runtime environment from a certain point of view without having to learn an additional programming language.

It provides:

  • a standardized programming language with many features
  • a Standard library (,, ... included), which works the same in all supported runtime environments
  • platform specific libraries : the complete API of a specific runtime environment that can be accessed from Haxe

Knuckle can be useful for a number of reasons. Are you wondering why

Would you like more about Knuckle Experienced? Then visit the documentation pages.

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