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23 things you really need if you love wearing makeup

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[AD] If you've ever rocked a crooked and messy cat eye, I'll dedicate this article to you.

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1. Shadow Shields help you perfect your Smokey Eye. And they catch the loose eyeshadow that crumbles down when applied and otherwise gives you dark circles.

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Promising review: “These shields are just the best! I'm someone who puts on foundation and concealer before I do my eye makeup. I like dramatic looks that lead to the dreaded eyeshadow fallout. Problem solved! Not only do they absorb the loose powder, but they also allow for sharper and more accurate lines under the eye and on the sides. By the way: I have almond-shaped and somewhat large eyes, but the shields protect the entire area they are supposed to protect! "—Carolyn Rome

Get a 30-pack on Amazon for 9.67 euros

2. A coconut and coffee cleansing stick to add to your morning routine. This stuff will "wake up" your skin like a cup of coffee and have a moisturizing effect. Your foundation will literally apply ITSELF, I can tell you!

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Promising review: "LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Removes make-up, makes the skin soft and smells magical. I love this Rollee!" —Kelly Rogers

You can get it at Feel Unique for 7.98 euros.

3. A coconut and sugar lip scrub that leaves your lips soft, moist so you don't have to apply your lipstick to dry skin.

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This vegan and animal-free peeling consists of avocado oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil for the ultimate moisture boost.

You can get it on Amazon for 9.04 euros.

4. A lip liner that will prevent your lipstick from landing on your chin.

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This lip liner provides much-needed hydration for your lips and prevents the lipstick from smudging. So your favorite lipstick stays where it belongs.

Promising review: “I'm getting these thin lines around my mouth with the lipstick smeared through. This stuff stops smudging along those tracks. I've tried about ten different lip liner pencils and this baby is doing what it's supposed to. ”—Angie W.

You can get the pen at Amazon for 3.20 euros.

5. An acrylic organizer that holds lots of foundation, lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, blushes, mascaras and make-up brushes. I'm sure you can manage to put all of your DM purchases in this pretty little part.

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Promising review: “Since my actually few make-up utensils can never be properly stowed away, I looked for a solution. A dressing table with drawers would not have fitted into the room or into the budget. So that's how I came across this. The delivery was well packaged and the shelf was well protected. The upper part can be removed and placed separately. The drawers offer enough space for all my things and the mess in front of the mirror is gone. I'm very happy with this purchase! ”- Sophie

You can get it at Amazon for 17.99 euros.

6. A makeup brush cleaner - because YES, you need to clean your brushes thoroughly. These parts are breeding grounds for bacteria! ** sits with her head held high and pretends to have super clean brushes at home **

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This product is made from gentle, plant-based ingredients that won't damage your skin or your brush. And: You can use it for any brush or make-up sponge!

Promising review: “I originally got the cleaner to clean my beauty blender, but I also used it to clean my brushes! This is without a doubt the best brush cleaner I've ever used. I didn't have to scrub or anything - it only took a second for each brush and they were all clean again in no time! Now I keep my brushes clean and I never thought that I would become 'the kind of girl' who always has clean brushes ... but thanks to Ecotools I am now sitting on this high horse. It even smells good! ”—Rebecca

Get it on Amazon for 9.97 euros.

7. An easy-to-grasp silicone applicator that makes it much easier to apply false eyelashes. Farewell to your mishaps of the kind "I almost stabbed my face with the tweezers"!

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This applicator makes it extremely easy to apply false eyelashes precisely.

Promising review: “This applicator is GREAT! I wanted an easier and faster way to apply false eyelashes. With this applicator I manage to apply my false eyelashes at a better angle, which makes them more comfortable to wear all day long. "—Amazon customer

Get it on Amazon for 6.97 euros.

8. A light and translucent powder without which your beauty routine is simply not complete. It removes excess shine and lets your concealer last FOREVER. Or at least a full day.

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Promising review: “So perfect! There is so much in it. The supplied tassel is very handy and application is easy and wonderful for baking. My make-up is flawless! This powder is a blessing. ”—Andrea

You can get it on Amazon for 15.74 euros.

9. A trash can for the work surface - don't you sometimes leave used cotton pads on your dressing table? Just admit it; we all do that!

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This little stainless steel bin is compact, has a fingerprint-free surface and is backed by a five-year warranty!

Promising review: "I love him! I've got a couple of them now. There's one for the pads next to my Keurig coffee maker, and I have one in every bathroom. It is ideal for used cotton swabs and balls! The stainless steel surface looks nice, the lid swings without any problems, the black plastic on the lid is robust - I've been using them for over a year now, and they are neither scratched nor dull. ”—Ange

Buy this container on Amazon for 15.99 euros.

10. An eyeliner stamp that gives you the perfect cat eye when you can't do it yourself (no need to be ashamed!).

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Promising review: “I had already given up trying ... until I found this product! It's so easy to use. It only takes a few seconds and I have the perfect cat eye! —Breanna James

Buy it on Amazon for 11.59 euros.

11. A refreshing primer with honey, gold particles and collagen that makes your complexion appear more even and redness disappears.

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Collagen? Strengthens the skin. Honey? Fights acne naturally and extremely effectively. Gold Partiekl? Let your skin SHINE.

Promising review: “The moisturizing primer helps to create a smooth and adhesive base for your make-up. I've used it for at least a year and I can't do without it. Over time, I've noticed an improvement in the quality and texture of my skin - and when the bottle ran out and I haven't used it for a while, my skin didn't look great. Now I always use it and always have it with me! ”—Coty Smercina

Get the primer on Amazon for 18.19 euros.

12. An acrylic organizer that can be rotated 360 ° for easy access to all of your beauty products. PLUS: The shelves are adjustable so you can set it up to fit your plethora of foundations, concealers, and brushes.

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Promising review: “Package arrived very quickly! All parts are well protected in foil. The cosmetic organizer is set up in five minutes.

You can find the instructions for this on the back. The large middle walls are simply inserted into the base plate, the small shelves inserted into the given slots as desired, fixed at the back with a rubber included in the package and then the upper cover plate is already attached.

The rondel can be rotated 360 degrees very easily without it squeaking. It can be stowed away a lot and, above all, individually. Otherwise I had all my make-up kit in one bag; now everything is nicely sorted and tidy.

I am super satisfied with it and can fully recommend the cosmetic organizer !! ”- E.B.

You can find the organizer on Amazon for 19.99 euros.

13. A long lasting balm to apply before bed. You wake up with wonderfully soft lips.

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Get a three-pack from Net-a-Porter for 30 euros.

14. The vegan Brightening Facial Scrub with Argan and Chlorella gently removes dirt and regenerates your skin cells.

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Promising review: “Who would have thought that you could be so excited about a facial scrub? I like this stuff! The ingredients are natural; no synthetic components! It doesn't dry out my skin and my cheeks are always baby soft after using the scrub. It's the third time I've ordered one of the tubes! ”—BBQ222

Get it on Amazon for 14.80 euros.

15. A three-sided make-up mirror with four different lighting settings. Don't let your old ceiling lamp sabotage your look.

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Promising review: “This mirror is awesome. The scope of delivery even includes the batteries and a USB cable. Since it is solid but not heavy, it can be taken anywhere. The battery power supply suits me very well.

You can even hang the mirror on the wall or just put it on the table. The stand can be adjusted using the joint and the mirror can thus be readjusted. Let's come to light: It shines extremely brightly, but can also be dimmed. The bright white light is ideal for applying makeup. The small 10x magnifying mirror can be attached as desired using suction cups. You can see the smallest pore. The mirror can not only do something, but is also very chic on my cosmetic table! I am completely satisfied! ”- Mirjam

Get it from Amazon for 29.79 euros.

16. A make-up removal cloth with woven-in unicorn material - because this thing is MAGIC. Wet it with a little water and it will remove all of your makeup: lipstick, eyebrow pencil, foundation, waterproof mascara, and whatever else you're wearing.

BuzzFeed.de © instagram.com / Via @makeuperaser

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You can just put it in the laundry. This magic shroud can have a long and healthy life that lasts up to five years.

You can get it at Flaconi for 9.95 euros.

17. A metal comb that can remove your mascara. Hello, beautifully separated eyelashes!

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Promising review: "I saw a beauty blogger use this eyelash comb on Youtube and it looked like the tool I had been looking for for 20 years!" - Laura

Get it on Amazon for 5.95 euros.

18. A rose water facial spray with so many uses it's hard to list! It can protect and freshen up your makeup, give the foundation a fresh touch, refresh tired skin and reduce irritation.

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This face spray with natural ingredients such as aloe, herbs and rose water gives dry skin a radiant and fresh look.

Promising review: “The redness on my cheeks has decreased significantly. I have a much more even skin tone after just four days. I sprayed very little of it on my face after cleaning it with Mario Badescu's Cleansing Milk, and then right after waking up. It smells very good and solves skin problems as if by magic - even my acne has disappeared! I'm very impressed. ”--Terryoke

Get it on Amazon for 8 euros.

19. An old-fashioned design-inspired brush holder that you can proudly display as a showpiece. A touch of Gatsby for your bedroom!

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Promising review: “I wanted to organize the stuff on my shelf and not have so much lying around, but I was looking for something for everyday use. The beads are perfect for holding the brushes. I love this part! ”- K.Y.L.

Get it on Amazon for 39.99 euros.

20. A vegan cult concealer with a buttery formula for easy transitions. The applicator makes it easy to apply the product precisely.

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BuzzFeed.de © instagram.com / Via @tartecosmetics

Get the concealer on Ebay for 14.49 euros

21. Face wipes that remove make-up, cleanse your skin and refresh you - all with just one wipe! You can thank the ingredients aloe and cucumber for this.

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Promising review: “These towels are phenomenal. When I get home from work, I take one of these and just take off my make-up! They also smell incredible! I have sensitive skin and have never had problems with these wipes. "—Dr. E

Get it on Asos for € 3.99.

22. A 16-piece rose gold brush set because it's time to stop using the same brush for both blush and foundation. Just get a complete (and inexpensive) set!

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Promising review: “I am pleasantly surprised. At the price, I honestly wouldn't have expected that much. As a professional, I usually only work with expensive brushes and so far I've always been disappointed with cheap products. But now I was looking for something new for home use and thought I would just give it a try, in a pinch I will send it back. But that's not necessary, because these brushes are really well made. They are firm and soft at the same time. You take in enough product well and give it off again. They don't hair, are easy to clean and look just fine. A top product for home use and for laypeople at the price. I would not recommend them for professional work and would continue to use real hair brushes. ”- Sarah Segebarth

Get this set on Amazon for 14.99 euros.

23. Vegan and made without animal experiments: The argan face oil that regenerates your cells and thus complements your anti-aging routine.

BuzzFeed.de © instagram.com / Via @acurebeauty

Promising review: I am one of those people who naturally have dry skin. I therefore use facial oil at home in the evening to prevent wrinkles. Acure's is easy to distribute, absorbs very quickly and is very good for me! Before using this oil, I always had dry spots on my face in winter - they are now a thing of the past. My skin is smooth and supple, looks young and does not wrinkle.

You can get it on Amazon for about 11.82 euros.

My reaction to this eyeliner stamp - be honest!

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