Why are shower enclosures so popular

Shower cubicle 90x90? How to find the right shower for your bathroom

Do you also face this problem? You know how big the shower area should be, but you are still unsure whether it should be a round shower or a corner shower? Or do you want to renew your shower cubicle and therefore need a fixed shape and size?

Finding the right shower enclosure for the bathroom is easier than you think. In this guide, we have put together all the important information, notes and tips that you can use to find the perfect shower.

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Shower cubicle 90x90 cm: The classic and ideal for every bathroom What size and shape should it be? Find out why the size of the shower tray and shower cubicle are not the same What does a shower cubicle cost? Find the right shower tray for a shower enclosure

Shower cubicle 90x90 cm: the classic and ideal for every bathroom

You can't go wrong with a shower cubicle measuring 90x90 cm. There is even room for it in small bathrooms and difficult room situations. With the right choice of door design, it can even be used in niche solutions. A folding door, for example, or swing doors that can be opened inwards are the perfect solution in this case, because opening the car door is no longer a problem. The size is also ideal for an extended shower room. You can bend, twist, and turn without bumping yourself.

The most popular shower cubicles 90x90 in our online shop

  • HSK K2P shower with corner entry - 2 hinged folding doors 90 x 90 cm - W: 900 H: 2000 D: 900
    1.469,00 €
  • HSK Exclusive pentagonal shower - 2 swing doors and 2 fixed elements - W: 900 H: 2000 D: 900
    909,00 €
  • HSK Exclusive quadrant shower / round shower - 2 rotating doors, swinging, radius 550- W: 900 H: 2000 D: 900
    939,00 €
  • HSK Favorit Nova shower door with side wall - revolving door in combination with side wall 90 x 90 cm - Speedline- W: 900 H: 1950 D: 900
    769,00 €

What size and shape should it be?

Are you still not sure what kind of shower screen you want to install in your bathroom, but do you know the exact dimensions? Then it is first important to be guided by the installation situation, for example whether the shower is to be installed in the corner, in a niche or freely on the wall. Round showers, showers with corner entry, a pentagonal shower or a shower door with a side wall are mainly suitable for corner installation. Walk-in showers or semicircular showers, on the other hand, are very suitable for mounting freely on the wall. First select the right size and then you can use our simple filter options to find your dream shower.

Shower cubicles in 90x90 cm or 80x80 cm are very popular with our customers. Whether as a quarter-circle shower or shower with corner entry. Let yourself be inspired.
To the shower cubicles 80 x 80 cm
To the shower cubicles 90 x 90 cm

Other popular sizes that customers often built into their bathroom

75 x 90 cm80 x 90 cm80 x 100 cm90 x 100 cm90 x 120 cm100 x 100 cm

Popular shower enclosures in our online shop

Find out why the size of the shower tray and shower cubicle are not the same

If you take it exactly, the size of the shower cubicle is never exactly the same as the size of the shower tray. A shower enclosure measuring 90x90 cm always fits on a bathtub measuring 90x90 cm, but is actually a few centimeters or millimeters smaller!

A distinction is made between the indented dimension (effective dimension) and the nominal dimension. The nominal dimension is the standardized dimension of the shower (shower tray installation dimension) and the indentation dimension is the actual one. Shower walls are installed in the middle of the shower tray edge as standard, so a shower cubicle 90x90 cm, for example, has an effective size of 87.5 x 87.5 cm.

Installation on shower tray (standard)

As standard, shower cubicles are designed for installation on a shower tray. Thus the corresponding indentation dimension is always smaller than the installation dimension of the shower tray.

If you want to mount your shower cubicle flush with the floor on tiles, the indentation or effective dimension is decisive. The tiled area of ​​the shower must have a size of 87.5 x 87.5 cm with a shower partition with the nominal dimensions 90 x 90 cm so that the shower wall can be installed on the joint. This is shown in the following graphic.

Installation on tile (floor level)

The indentation dimension is decisive for the size of the tiled shower area.

Example: In a shower cubicle with a nominal size of 90 x 90 cm, the tiled shower area must be 87.5 x 87.5 cm so that the glass is flush with the joint.

But don't worry. It is never too late. Have you already tiled your shower area but disregarded this rule? You are not the first to see this happen, we can help you! Almost all of our showers are also included Special size. You can find information on this directly in our product descriptions. Or let our specialist staff advise you on this. Ordering a custom-made shower is not as difficult as you might think!


As standard, all shower cubicles are designed for installation on a shower tray and are therefore generally smaller than the nominal size due to the corresponding indentation. This is especially important to note during installation: flush with the floor on tiles.

What does a shower cubicle cost?

The price range for shower stalls is very high. You can get standard cabins made of synthetic glass very cheaply. However, if you are looking for something long-term, a shower screen made of toughened safety glass is very good for you. The manufacturer HSK, for example, produces showers of high quality and quality - Made in Germany. With the appropriate glass coating, these are not only extremely easy to care for, but also very durable in use.

The shower stalls in our online shop are of excellent quality. In addition to the statutory guarantee period of 2 years, the manufacturer HSK offers an additional guarantee for a period of 10 years.

You can get a high-quality glass shower screen from us from around 250 to 2,500 euros. That depends on the one hand on the size and type of the cabin, but also on the additional equipment that you can choose from.

Art glass shower stalls

Of course, it is a matter of taste which material you ultimately choose. Compared to real glass showers, the main advantage of showers made of synthetic glass is, besides the price, above all the weight, which is an important point with regard to the assembly. But be aware that limescale and soap residues are much more easily deposited on the plastic surfaces. The surface is not smooth, but often has a teardrop pattern. Those who value longevity, elegance and care should therefore dig a little deeper into their wallet and opt for a shower made of glass.

Find the right shower tray for shower enclosure

Have you already decided on a shower enclosure? Great, then all you need is the right shower tray. It is, so to speak, the foundation of the shower cubicle and ensures that water drains off safely.

Popular and common sizes of shower trays that have been frequently purchased by customers

75 x 90 cm80 x 80 cm80 x 90 cm80 x 100 cm90 x 90 cm90 x 100 cm90 x 120 cm100 x 100 cm

In addition to the different shapes that are available on the market, you can get our shower trays in different heights. Flat and super-flat shower trays are particularly trendy and modern.

By the way, super-flat shower cubicles can also be installed very well flush with the floor. If you would like to find out more about this topic and the associated accessibility, you can take a look at our article on the walk-in shower.

Popular shower trays in our shop

  • HSK shower tray square shower tray 90x90, super flat, acrylic - channel cover selectable, including waste set - W: 900 H: 65 D: 900
    379,00 €
  • HSK shower tray Rectangular shower tray 75x90, super flat, acrylic - color selectable, including waste set- W: 900 H: 45 D: 750
    230,99 €
  • Repabad Trento S pentagonal shower tray 90 - acrylic- W: 900/450 H: 45 D: 900
    259,00 €
  • Mauersberger Asyma special shape shower tray 100x80 - super flat, version optionally left or right - W: 800/500 H: 25 D: 1000