Starbucks makes its own whipped cream




-All ingredients must be ice cold, otherwise the crushed ice will melt too quickly! If you want to improve this, you can put the mixing bowl in the refrigerator (or even in the freezer?) Early on before use. This prevents unnecessary melting before drinking and ensures a better consistency and, of course, less hectic preparation. Alternatively, if you want it to go faster, rinse the mixing pot with cold water beforehand.

-This is the version without coffee! If you like, you can simply replace part of the milk with (cold !!!!!) coffee and add it in step 3.

- If prepared correctly, this recipe is very similar to the original, but differences in the ingredients must be balanced out (chocolate sauce tastes very different from the individual manufacturers, chocolate syrup is less complicated because it is only available in a few shops -> original from starbucks is with Just try the recipe and see what you can do better next time. Here are some suggestions for what you can change according to your own taste: add sugar (for more sweetness); Vary the cocoa content of the chocolate, add a spoonful of (sweet) cocoa powder for more flavor intensity, beat the milk stronger (for a stronger consistency and "cream base"), add coffee (for the version with coffee) and and and ..... Here the taste and texture of the starting ingredients as well as the personal taste are decisive!

-It can be used both whipped cream and spray cream (with spray cream step 1 is omitted and you only add a splash of spray cream in step 3)

-The chocolate should still be in small pieces in the drink, just like the original!

-This detailed description is not intended to put you off! It helps to get a product which is not only one of the most popular Starbucks drinks in Germany and which Starbucks certainly did not develop overnight either.