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Photographer (also photographer) is a state-recognized training occupation. Photographers create static or moving images for various purposes. The generic term includes, for example, occupations such as architectural photography, event photography, industrial photography, motion picture photography, aerial photography, fashion photography, portrait photography, press photography, product photography, reportage photography, still photography, underwater photography, advertising photography, scientific photography, etc.

Photographers use the camera to capture individual impressions of people or nature, of events or of objects. Often they specialize in a field such as portrait, advertising, press or science photography. They master the entire process of photographic products from brainstorming and planning, lighting and staging to preparing the resulting images for all display options. Photographers work freelance, work in the photographic industry or in public institutions. Large newspaper publishers employ their own press photographers. Sometimes they are also employed in photo retailers or in large industrial laboratories and open-plan studios. In addition, press services and agencies, picture archive services, advertising and media agencies, and film and television all offer employment opportunities.

The quality of the recordings is largely based on experience and preparatory work. Camera, film, lens, lighting and the subject must be coordinated with one another. In the open air, photographers work making optimal use of natural light, at the selected "location" or in the studio with lighting and with the appropriate decoration, which can be designed as lavishly as a scene.