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SMS: What are the prices for deliveries to and from abroad?
Image: The costs for SMS can be very different. For several years now, the prices of the three German network operators Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica (o2) have remained unchanged at around 19 cents - unless the SMS is included in a flat rate. At discounters, the prices are often significantly cheaper. The exact tariffs for short messages - also for sending abroad - can be found in the details of the respective tariff on our provider pages. There you can also find out how much it costs to send SMS messages from home to other countries, which is usually more expensive than to German networks. Completely different conditions apply to a short message sent during a stay abroad.

SMS prices in other EU countries

SMS: What are the prices for deliveries to and from abroad?
Image: Within the EU, the prices for SMS are now regulated by the so-called euro tariff. This stipulates that consumers can use their mobile phone contracts and prepaid cards throughout the EU at the conditions of the domestic tariff. However, the regulated price only applies if the customer uses the provider's standard roaming tariff. The regulation does not apply to optionally bookable tariffs, so that in some cases significantly higher prices must be expected. Further information on the current EU roaming tariffs can be found in our guide to the euro tariff.

SMS prices outside the EU

Outside the EU, the regulated tariffs do not apply - apart from individual countries such as Iceland or Norway, which have joined the EU roaming regulation. The prices for sending an SMS can therefore be significantly higher than a short message sent within the EU. Depending on the provider, a distinction is also made between the standard roaming tariff and various options that customers can optionally book. The following tables provide information about the costs in the respective standard roaming tariff of the various network operators.

The SMS prices outside the EU for contract customers:

The SMS prices outside the EU for prepaid customers:

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