Is it good to eat chocolate?

Goodbye bad conscience! That's why chocolate is good for your health and psyche

Yes, you heard that right - chocolate isn't bad for you! Pralines filled with nougat, chocolate pudding or the classic milk chocolate bar: our mouths water just at the thought of it. And then there it is: the guilty conscience. Because actually you wanted to eat healthily and chocolate is an absolute taboo there - right? Thought wrong! Here comes the proof that chocolate is good for your mind and body.

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1. Chocolate is good for the heart

Chocolate is said to contain more than 60 substances that have a positive effect on our cardiovascular system. Two of them are the plant substances tannins and flavonoids. The tannins protect the cell tissue around the heart. The flavonoids ensure that the arteries expand and blood pressure is lowered. Chocolate also contains potassium, which has a similar effect.

Nevertheless, the following applies: You should only eat small amounts of chocolate. Excessive consumption can lead to obesity, which in turn is the main cause of heart disease.

2. Chocolate lowers cholesterol

Most diabetics avoid chocolate because it is fatty and full of unhealthy sugar. Chocolate contains antioxidants that are even said to help lower cholesterol levels. This is especially true for chocolate with a high cocoa content. But the same applies here: Please only enjoy in moderation!

3. Chocolate helps you lose weight

Please what?! Yes, it is really true. Chocolate boosts our metabolism. The substances contained in chocolate allow our cells to burn more energy. However, it should be noted that this only works with chocolate with a high cocoa content, i.e. dark chocolate. Chocolate cakes, chocolate pudding or filled chocolate bars are still taboo if you want to lose weight.

4. Chocolate is good for the brain

Well, who would have thought that? Chocolate increases our performance! And that's not just because of the sugar, which makes us more alert in the short term. Chocolate contains bitter substances that dilate the blood vessels in the brain so that the brain is supplied with more blood. And that in turn improves our perception. However, it is not clear whether chocolate can actually prevent dementia or even strokes. In any case, it doesn't do any harm!

5. Chocolate reduces stress and makes us fitter

And last but not least: Chocolate simply makes us happy. Whether it's lovesick, stressful or an afternoon low at work - chocolate always helps. That's because chocolate contains carbohydrates, magnesium, and phenethylamine, among other things. These substances ensure that our body releases happiness hormones. The carbohydrates improve our mood and reduce stress. The magnesium it contains is an efficient means of combating stress and also has a relaxation effect. The phenethylamine has a calming and even antidepressant effect.

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That’s the part of the chocolate myths

So chocolate is especially great for our cardiovascular system and our psyche. Even so, chocolate has a rather bad reputation and there are some myths that circulate around our beloved candy. Chocolate is a supposed figure killer and is said to even damage our liver. We have uncovered the most famous chocolate myths for you.

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1. "Chocolate causes liver problems"

Total bullshit! By the way, chocolate is not particularly difficult to digest. Scientists have found that an entire bar of chocolate only stays in the stomach for an hour on average. This is very short compared to other foods. However, if you eat too much chocolate, it can give you a stomach ache. This is also the case with all other dishes!

2. "Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate"

That's only half true, because: The number of calories in milk chocolate and dark chocolate is almost identical. Both come to 560 kcal at 100 g. The difference lies in the ingredients: black chocolate contains more fat, milk chocolate contains more sugar, but also more calcium, which is of course due to the milk.

3. "Chocolate can trigger migraines"

Yes, chocolate contains phenylethylamine and tyramine. And these are both chemical substances that can trigger a migraine. However, the concentration in a bar of chocolate is so low that it is very unlikely to cause a migraine.

4. "Chocolate should contain a lot of cocoa"

In terms of quality, chocolate with a high cocoa content is neither better nor worse than chocolate with less cocoa. The main difference lies in the amount of fat and carbohydrates. In general, the higher the percentage of cocoa, the more fat the chocolate contains. However, the lower the cocoa content, the higher the sugar content.

5. "Chocolate makes you fat"

We can't deny the truth: chocolate is high in calories, fat, and sugar. Nevertheless, studies show that overweight patients are mostly not chocolate eaters! Again, it's the amount that matters. If you have a balanced diet, a little chocolate is sure not to hurt your figure.