Life is basically sad

Test yourself! Lockdown-Koller: "Just" a bad mood or a depression?


Where would you put your cross? Add up the points! If you get a total of 10 or more points, a doctor's visit is advisable.

less than 5 points: healthy
less than 10 points: inconspicuous
10-14 points: "mild" depression
15-19 points: "moderate" depression
20-27 points: "severe" depression

What are the symptoms of depression?

It is not easy to distinguish between depression and depressed mood. However, there are both physical and emotional concomitant symptoms that doctors use to diagnose depression.

The physical side effects of depression are ...

  • primarily lack of drive, leaden tiredness and exhaustion.
  • inner restlessness, urge to move or slow down significantly.
  • Loss of appetite or excessive need to eat.
  • chronic headache and back pain.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Complaints for which no physical cause can be found (e.g. dizziness, shortness of breath).

Mental or spiritual side effects of depression are ...

  • Primarily depressed mood, feeling that everything is getting too much, irritability and aggression.
  • also often a lack of interest and joylessness in things that one used to enjoy doing.
  • low self-esteem, self-criticism, and feelings of guilt.
  • Concentration and decision-making problems and a tendency to brood.
  • excessive fears and anxiety.
  • Numbness and inner emptiness.
  • deep despair, thoughts of suicide, or harming yourself.

But even if you notice some of the symptoms, that doesn't mean you have depression. In any case, caution is required if four of the symptoms described, including two main symptoms such as lack of drive, lack of interest or depression, persist for several weeks. Then you should definitely consult a doctor.

What is a depressive mood?

Transient depressive moods are very similar to symptoms of depression. But as long as self-esteem and zest for life are still there, everything is OK. Triggers are mostly stressful events that throw you off track for a short time - like the Corona crisis and the renewed lockdown now.

The body's warning signals are not to be taken lightly. Find balance through physical activity and relaxation exercises - and consult a doctor if necessary.