Why is Mexican food so delicious?

Mexican food

6) In the dish Chiles en Nogada - paprika with minced meat filling and walnut-cream sauce - the colors of the Mexican flag are represented: the stuffed peppers are green, the creamy sauce is white and red comes into play with the pomegranate seeds, with which the dish is made is decorated. For this reason, and of course also because they taste delicious, Chiles en Nogada are Mexico's national dish.

7) The patriotic equivalent of the drinks is the so-called bandera (flag) - the guest is served three glasses, one each with green lime juice, clear (= white) tequila and red sangrita (mix of orange and tomato juice).

8) For the Aztecs, maize was of such essential importance as a staple food that they worshiped a special maize god called Cinteotl as well as various fertility goddesses who were also associated with this plant.

9) The dish Ropa Vieja (translated "old clothes"), consisting of beef, tomatoes, onions and peppers, refers to a legend according to which a poor man had to cut his clothes and cook because he had no money for food. After a prayer, the scraps turned into a delicious meat stew.

10) It is often jokingly claimed that Mexican food basically always and exclusively consists of tortillas that are simply folded differently. This judgment (which is hardly meant seriously) does the diversity of Mexican cuisine an injustice - but the cooking tradition actually knows countless variants of the corn and wheat flour tortilla, including various variations filled with meat, salsas, cheese and salad such as tacos, tostadas, quesadillas and Enchiladas. The basis of the burrito, a fast food snack particularly popular in neighboring USA, is also a tortilla.