How can I replace Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access alternatives: are there any free applications that do something similar?

Base (included in LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice)

Both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice are known for imitating programs from the Microsoft Office package and offering them as free software - Base is the alternative to Microsoft Access here. The functions and properties of LibreOffice Base and OpenOffice Base hardly differ. This is not surprising, since LibreOffice has been marketed as a spin-off from OpenOffice since 2010 and both office suites are based on the same source code. However, updates for LibreOffice are published much more regularly.

Base is a Java-based RDBMS that is similar to its MS Access model in many areas: It works with a graphical user interface and offers the same elementary functions regarding the generation and management of databases. Also Assistants help you to use various functions.

However, Base differs significantly more from its Microsoft model than is the case with the LibreOffice and OpenOffice imitations of Word, Excel or PowerPoint. For example, it contains not as many advanced features as MS Access and the Operation is often more complicated. Above all, users who are used to working with Microsoft Access will probably have their problems at some point (e.g. macros and reports can only be created much more laboriously). Nonetheless, the functionality of Base is amazing - especially when you consider that it is a completely free program.

The backend of Base is based on HSQLDB (Hyper Structured Query Language Database), with which a database can be saved both as a base file and in the form of a dBase file. Since an HSQL database does not allow concurrent write access, the Simultaneous editing of a base database by several users is not possible by default. However, many database systems with multi-user access such as MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Adabas D are supported.

Compatibility with other databases is generally one of the program's greatest advantages. Thanks to the ODBC and JDBC database interfaces, you can connect Base to many other databases. Another big plus compared to Access is its availability: In addition to Windows, Base is also available for macOS and GNU / Linux, Unix and BSD.