Are Ubisoft's open world games bad

EA's exclusive deal ends: Ubisoft is allowed to build open-world games with Star Wars

Lucasfilm is working with Ubisoft on a new story-based open world game in the Star Wars universe. The as yet nameless title has been developed for around a year by Massive Entertainment, the makers of the loot shooter The Division, based on the Snowdrop engine. Ubisoft is currently of particular interest.

Ubisoft means change of strategy

Perhaps the biggest announcement is not in the project, but in the framework conditions. The fact that Ubisoft is now allowed to develop a game with the Star Wars license confirms a change in strategy. Because the privilege of being able to use the brand for games is currently owned exclusively by EA, and according to current knowledge until 2023. However, license owner Disney was not completely satisfied with the publisher's actions recently: The company is said to have been after the debacle over the pay-to- Win system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 pushed for their expansion - the brand is also aimed at children and is compromised by a gambling image.

We’re thrilled to announce we are working with @Ubisoft and @UbiMassive to develop a brand-new, story-driven, open-world Star Wars adventure!

Learn more about the future of @LucasfilmGames in the Star Wars galaxy and beyond:

- Lucasfilm Games (@LucasfilmGames) January 13, 2021

The latest announcement also includes the announcement of a change for which Lucasfilm is central. The label, which was relaunched at the beginning of the week and revived the original name of the Star Wars publisher LucasArts, is to bundle all of the brand's video games again under one brand. This bundling becomes necessary when cooperating with different developers. The official announcement therefore speaks of the future with "the best teams in their category“Wanting to work together to create a wider range of games. Lucasfilm should always make sure that the stories told fit into the universe and its canon.

EA will lose exclusive rights

It cannot be said whether EA will lose the exclusive rights to Star Wars before the contract period expires. Announcements without further disclosure of details indicate projects in the early development phases, so a publication of the Ubisoft title in 2023 is highly conceivable. At this point at the latest, EA will no longer be allowed to work on Star Wars alone, but will continue to be entrusted with projects. The company will continue to "will play a huge role in the future of Star Wars gaming"Emphasized Disney.

In addition, a number of new projects are under development at EA. A sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (test) is almost certain. In addition, there will be other formats in the future that other publishers will develop. More projects are set to be unveiled later this year.

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