What does a trip mean

There are many ways to travel. The journey to other places, countries or to people. All of these journeys have something in common and make us more of who we actually are again - a journey into our inner being.We quickly notice how small our own problems at home are or were. We notice that many everyday life situations do not correspond to our dream, be it at work or in private. We should have more courage to go to our limits and act and think independently.

Above all, traveling means freedom.
The experience of traveling brings many things together and moves us. Whether it is a good or a bad experience, we always learn something about ourselves. Encounters and conversations with people, views that you share or gain. Cultures that you get to know and maybe learn to love. No commitments, no appointments. Just you, your suitcase and free time.Don't these things make life worth living? Seldom boredom, perceiving and absorbing everything around you, doing something that you would not otherwise do. Try out yourself, dare to do something new or withdraw in peace.

Travel is a learning process.
Organize, manage finances, decide, react, make plans. Sometimes a plan doesn't work out as it should. But it has to go on somehow, so we get up and do it with an unknown ease - not like at home, where you trudge to the office the next day. Or on the construction site, in order to carry out the same activities over and over again, with the thought “At some point I will fulfill my dream”. We have to let this ease carry us and use the moment to live in the here and now.

Turn them off. If you leave the phone switched off, look at the area with your eyes instead of just through the camera lens. Surprise yourself every day with something you don't normally do. Walks, excursions or simply targeted boredom.

What does travel mean to you?

Author: Ismael Baran, 08/08/2017