How can I get a broadband connection?

What is a broadband connection?

This article explains what a broadband connection is and when it is needed, even if you are already connected via a network cable (LAN) or via a wireless connection (WLAN).

The terms LAN, WLAN and network are explained in this article.

To establish an Internet connection, you need technical devices that you can usually get from your Internet provider.


If you use the telephone line to connect to the Internet, you need a splitter. This device separates (splits) the telephone signal from the so-called DSL signal.

The DSL signal is on a different frequency than the telephone signal and is used to carry data to and from the Internet.

DSL modem

A computer cannot understand a DSL signal.

So what is needed is a device that

  • Converts internet data into a DSL signal (modulates) and
  • converts the DSL signal back into Internet data (themodulated).

Such a device is called a DSL modem.

A DSL modem usually has two cable sockets.

  • One for the cable to the splitter, usually labeled with DSL, ADSL, VDSL or T-DSL and
  • one for the network cable to your computer, usually labeled LAN (for L.ocal A.rea Network) or Ethernet.

Only one computer can connect to the Internet at a time using a DSL modem.

By making the cable connections, you will not yet have access to the Internet. You have only established a connection to the DSL modem.

You can find out how to recognize a DSL modem in the article How to recognize a DSL modem.

DSL modem with WLAN

The DSL modem just described is also available with an integrated WLAN.

The WiFi replaced the network cable from the DSL modem to your computer.

To connect to a WLAN-enabled DSL modem, you need to set up a WLAN connection on your computer.

The following article describes how to set up a WLAN connection for different operating system versions.

You have not yet established an Internet connection by establishing the WLAN connection to a WLAN-enabled DSL modem.

Broadband connection

Your DSL modem is connected to a DSL modem in the nearest telecommunications office via the DSL signal. Your connection to the Internet is only established in the telecommunications office.

To do this, you have to register through your Internet provider, because you do not necessarily have a contract with the provider whose lines you are connected to.

In order to log in, you have been given a username and password.

You can log in to your Internet provider with a user name and password by creating a broadband connection, also known as a dial-up connection, on your computer.

The creation of a broadband connection is described for different operating system versions in the following articles.

Router instead of broadband connection

If you have received a DSL modem from your Internet provider and want to connect several computers or other devices to the Internet at the same time, you will also need a router.

A router is connected to the DSL modem and dials into the Internet. It must be set up for this once. A broadband connection on the computer is then not required. On the contrary, it would no longer establish an Internet connection.

A router allows several computers to be connected to the Internet at the same time.

Routers with integrated WLAN are called WLAN routers.

Routers and WLAN routers are available from specialist retailers.

There are routers and WLAN routers with an integrated DSL modem. They can be connected directly to the splitter. These devices are usually provided by the Internet provider.

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