What is the largest freshwater fish

Top 10: The BIGGEST fish from all over the world

Topmania has set itself the task of collecting the largest fish in all categories in its top 10 "The largest fish of all the world's oceans":

Among other things, the top 10 includes: Largest fish in Germany (the catfish with up to 3 meters), largest freshwater fish in the world (giant freshwater stingray with over 5 meters), largest predatory fish of all oceans (the white shark with over 6 meters) and largest fish ever (the whale shark with 13, 70 meters)

There is also a video for each fish in the top 10 list of the largest fish. You can safely observe the largest, heaviest and longest fish like in an aquarium.

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10. The largest eel

The sea eel is the largest eel in the world. This species of eel lives in the Atlantic and is widespread along the coasts of Europe, so it can be found in the North Sea and the Mediterranean. Sometimes sea eels also swim into the mouths of adjacent rivers.

Size: In the conger eels, the larger females are on average 2 meters long, the largest specimens are probably up to 3 meters long. Eels of this size weigh over 100 kilos. This article by the environmental protection organization PETA shows: The largest sea eel ever caught was caught in the Weser near Bremerhaven and was over 2.40 meters long. (Link)

9. The largest fish in Germany

The largest fish that can be found in German lakes and rivers is the European catfish. This is not only Germany's largest river fish, there is no larger fish in all of Europe that lives exclusively in fresh water.

Size: Catfish grow their entire life, albeit more slowly with age. The largest specimens reach a Size of 3 meters (Average height 1.50 meters) and a weight of up to 150 kilos. This Frenchman pulled a record at 2.74 meters out of the tarn: Link


8. The largest freshwater fish in the world

The largest freshwater fish in the world, the giant freshwater stingray, lives almost exclusively in the rivers of Thailand and Cambodia.

Size: Giant freshwater stingrays including tail in individual cases over 5 meters tall (the "disc" of the stingray has a diameter of about 2.40 meters, while the rest of the length is due to the long, thin tail). Their weight is comparatively low with a maximum of 600 kilograms, as they are also very flat and the tail does not weigh much.

7. The heaviest bonefish

A general distinction is made between bony fish and cartilaginous fish. In contrast to the cartilaginous fish, the skeleton of the bony fish consists of heavy bones.

Size: The sunfish that looks funny is his Maximum weight of 2.3 tons around the heaviest bony fish of the world. With a length of up to 3.30 meters, it is probably only the fourth longest bony fish (after the moray eel, the belt fish and the sturgeon).


6. The longest moray eel

Moray eels belong to the eel-like order and have their typical appearance: They have an elongated, muscular body. In contrast to their relatives the eels, moray eels no longer have fins and are therefore reminiscent of snakes

Size: The longest type of moray eel is the Slender giant moray (Strophidon sathete). A specimen of this species was fished on the coast of the Australian state of Queenlands 3.94 meters measured.

5. The largest fish in Europe

The sturgeon is one of the few fish that can be found in both salt water and fresh water as they swim back from the ocean to spawn into their rivers and lakes where they were born.

The largest sturgeon are of the Europäsicher Hausen type (also called beluga sturgeon). This species can be found in the Black and Caspian Sea and its tributaries

Size: The largest specimens of the beluga sturgeon reach one Length between 5 and 6 meters and a weight of almost a ton.

4. The largest predatory fish on earth

The largest predatory fish in all of the world's oceans is the infamous great white shark, which has already been given many cinematic monuments. In contrast to many other largest fish, it does not feed on plankton, but actively hunts for other fish, but also for sea turtles and seals.

Size: The average size of a great white shark is already a remarkable 4 meters, but the really large specimens reach one Length of over 6 meters and a weight of almost 2 tons.

The video above shows that the great white shark is not always the killing machine it is often portrayed as.


3. the longest bonefish

The longest bony fish of all the world's oceans is the strap fish of the species Regalecus glesne. As the name suggests, it is rather thin and elongated.

Regalecus glesne has been shown to be able to can be up to 8 meters long and reaches a weight of at least 270 kilos.

Film recordings of belt fish are very rare, and little is known about this mysterious family in general. According to Wikipedia, you can only find mutilated specimens on the beach, since overtop fish are very fragile.

2. The largest fish in the Mediterranean (and the North Sea)

The name suggests it: the basking shark is a really big fish. The basking shark is the second largest fish on earth and the largest that is also found in the Mediterranean and the North Sea.

Size: The largest basking sharks have one, depending on the source Size between 10 and 12 meters, while the average basking sharks grow to be 7 to 9 meters long and weigh over 5 tons. Up to 25 percent of this weight makes up the enormous liver of the animal.

Basking sharks are not predators, they feed on plankton. They are harmless to humans and are on the red list of endangered animals.

The largest fish on earth

The largest fish of all is the whale shark. But he is not a whale (which is known to be no fish), but a pure shark. The whale shark is almost exclusively in tropical and subtropical waters.

It feeds mainly on plankton that it soaks in while swimming. However, one or the other mackerel may also be among them. Due to its enormous size, the whale shark needs over 20 kg of this meat-containing food during the day. However, it does not pose a threat to humans, especially the younger whale sharks are even considered playful

Size: According to Wikipedia, the largest specimen ever officially measured is 13.70 meters and weighs 12 tons. According to a recent study, whale sharks are much larger than previously assumed. The average size of the females is 14.50 (the males, on the other hand, are only 8 to 9 meters tall). According to confirmed reports, the largest females can even be 18 meters and taller.