Rockaway Beach or Coney Island that rule

The 11 most beautiful beaches in New York City

If you're considering a spring through winter trip to New York, you might want to get away from the city for a day.

You will primarily find excursion offers in the mountains or in neighboring cities. There is less advertising for the beaches New York has to offer.

While winter temperatures can drop alarmingly, there are coastal areas that draw crowds in summer looking to get away from the city.

The most beautiful beaches in New York City

Here is a list of the 11 best New York City beaches that you might want to visit. For SandstrandSEO check out this website!

1. Coney Island, Brooklyn

Coney Island is a place where friends meet to socialize.

You can spend time on the boardwalk, but it's just as pleasant to sit on the beach and chat or just sit back and sunbathe.

The sea is inviting in midsummer, although not quite as hot as in the more southern latitudes.

However, after a few hours of sunshine, it is refreshing.

For decades, people have enjoyed the old ferris wheel, roller coaster, and food stalls, but without the beach that separates the boardwalk from the ocean, the place would be small.

2. Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

Another beach in Brooklyn is Manhattan Beach, which is usually quieter than the others.

The peninsula has Coney Island and Brighton Beach, but somehow Manhattan has never drawn so many people.

If you're looking for a sandy beach that doesn't attract too many people, maybe Manhattan is right for you? If the water temperature is not too important to you, you can also wade between sunbaths - a splash in the shallow water will still cool you down.

If you choose to take a bath, the water is generally calm.

It's a good beach for a BBQ or weekend picnic, and if you get there early you can pick a prime spot.

3. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

The only real way to say that you have left Coney Island and arrived in Brighton Beach is that it will be quieter and there will be fewer people around you.

Suddenly there is more open space, a relaxed atmosphere and quiet cafes that serve food and drinks to anyone who wants a snack when they get off the beach.

His nickname is "Little Odessa", which is partly due to the Russian shops in the neighborhood.

The range of food and drinks is very diverse.

Have you ever tried Uzbek or Korean food? A restaurant looks like a ship - seafood and plenty of beer are on the menu.

4. Midland Beach, Staten Island

This beach on Staten Island is quite inaccessible, but some beach-goers consider it an advantage.

It primarily serves the local neighborhood, where there are lots of activities - handball and shuffleboard are two of the favorites.

The wide promenade invites cyclists and people who want to jog or take a relaxed walk.

The only way to get to Midland is by car or local transport, i.e. two buses.

While this is not for everyone, it does mean you are guaranteed relative peace and quiet as it will mostly hang around people from the neighborhood.

5. Long Beach, County Nassau

Not quite as famous as the coastal city of the same name in California, Long Beach was hit by Hurricane Sandy a few years ago - a rare occurrence, because hurricanes usually hit the mainland of the USA further south.

The boardwalk and the quality of the surf are two reasons you should head to Nassau County.

You'll have to pay for a day pass to get to the beach, but sometimes there are promotions that include both access and transportation costs to get there - if you're not driving, you'll have to take a train.

6. Sandy Hook, Gateway National Recreation Area, Jersey

Sandy Hook is often ignored and viewed as unfashionable, but it's an excellent day trip from New York.

There are lifeguards patrolling the beach and there is plenty to do.

If you enjoy fishing or walking on nature trails, you will find a lot more to do here than just sunbathe.

The lighthouse is over 250 years old.

To get there, take the ferry from downtown Manhattan and enjoy a 45-minute ride while admiring the city skyline.

If you're not shy, while you're there, head to Gunnison - a nude beach.

7. Fort Tilden Strand, Queens

Only on the weekends in summer does this Queens beach show many signs of human activity, despite being so close to densely populated areas.

There are ferries that take visitors near the shore and beach buses that are built for this task.

There is little infrastructure and no lifeguards, so you are on your own.

You will have to bring your own picnic, and some visitors actually turn it into a meal.

The beach's appeal lies in its seclusion, but you need to plan properly if you want to get everything you want in this place.

8. Jacob Riis Park Beach, Queens

The popularity of this beach is not only due to the sand.

The beach bazaar has become an established market where people come to chat, eat, and shop.

It takes place partly inside, partly outside.

Jacob Riis, nicknamed People’s Beach, offers a variety of activities, including yoga and increasingly soccer.

If you want to have a party by the sea this is the beach for it.

Bring your own grill if you can, although there is plenty of food to buy and plenty of variety too, from Middle Eastern to Latin.

9. Rockaway Beach, Queens

At Rockaway Beach you can not only swim well, but also surf on days when the waves are a little bigger.

It's a very clean beach, despite its popularity.

There may be a volleyball game going on there while others are simply walking along the sand in search of something interesting that has washed up.

When it comes to food there is a wide choice - everything from pizza to tacos.

You can catch a train to Rockaway, which has good rail links within New York City as a whole.

The ferry or the beach buses are two alternatives.

10. Main Beach, East Hampton

Home to the rich and famous, the Hamptons come as no surprise that they have a beach that is among the best in the United States. There are others nearby, but Main Beach is the beach that gets the most accolades.

As expected, things are strictly 5-star compliant: lifeguards during the day, high-quality toilets, food supplies.

The sand is very clean and throwing away rubbish is definitely frowned upon.

What can't be guaranteed is the weather, but when the sun comes out Main Beach is where to be seen.

11. Montauk, Long Island

If you want to go to Montauk Island, you must know that you have to go to the end of South Fork on Long Island.

Not everyone can bother to do this so you can expect to be away from the crowds on this peninsula.

There is little infrastructure and nature still rules.

Surfing is pretty good, and those who commit to spending a weekend in Montauk are unlikely to be disappointed - there is accommodation at the surf lodge and great sunsets to watch.

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