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Regret - Provisional opening of the duty-free route is delayed until September

Provisional opening of the duty-free route is delayed until September

Originally, the duty-free route was supposed to be provisionally opened in June. Yesterday, the Freiburg regional council announced that the opening of traffic would have to be postponed to the end of September. This was justified with structural defects in the cable ducts in the tunnel.

The supply cables could only be laid after the deficiencies had been rectified, it said. This will last until mid-September. After that, there will be a two-week trial run without traffic. When asked why the problems were not noticed earlier, the authorities replied: “We can determine the permeability of the pipes beforehand when the shell is accepted. Only the engineering company can assess whether it is suitable for cables. "

Traffic relief for Riehen

«I take note of this and regret it. It would have been nice if a part could be opened now, "commented the Riehener Mayor Willi Fischer. Riehen hopes that the toll-free route will reduce traffic congestion. The mayor of the hamlet, Wolfgang Dietz, said in a similar way: “That is of course a shame. But the greatest regret is of no use against construction defects. " Dietz had hoped that the road could be provisionally opened in both directions at the end of September, but that was not possible for technical reasons, he was told by the regional council. The second direction of travel from Weil am Rhein to Lörrach can be provisionally opened to traffic in November 2013.

Willi Fischer expressed the hope that this would now be the last report on duty-free and that traffic would be started at full load by the end of the year.

Definitely open from 2015

The toll-free route should be finally ready in spring 2015. In May 2014, work will begin on the second construction phase, the roundabout on Lörracher Dammstrasse. Normally, the traffic should continue to run despite the construction work. According to the regional council, coordination talks are currently taking place with the city of Lörrach regarding the flow of traffic.

The disputes with the residents' initiative IG Zollfrei could be settled. According to spokesman Manfred Steinbach, the IG has withdrawn its petition. However, the “nature conservation examination for the planned deforestation of 23 trees” has been requested, which has not played a role in the proceedings so far. "We are waiting for an answer and are open to launching a petition for due process," said Steinbach. This will not have any impact on the construction work.