What are the demonstrative pronouns in Norwegian

That here, that there: The demonstrative pronouns in Norwegian

In Norwegian, a distinction is made between two different demonstrative pronouns. To talk about something that is nearby, use "think“.
When it comes to people or objects that are at a greater distance from the speaker, use "the“.
This is comparable in German with the words “this” and “that”.
“This” always refers to something close, “that” to something that is further away.

“Denne” - for people or objects in the vicinity

Denne“Means“ this ”and is used for people and objects that are in the immediate vicinity of the speaker. The noun after “denne” is always in the specific form.
The demonstrative pronoun "denne"
think think dette disse

Denne blouses (her) liker jeg godt. - I like this blouse (here) very much.
Denne skjorta (her) he brighter ikke dårlig. - This shirt (here) isn't bad either.
Dette hotellet (her) ligger like ved havet. - This hotel (here) is right by the sea.
Disse bilene he was hawking. - These cars are all prohibited from parking.

"Den" - for people and objects in the distance

The“Means“ that ”in German and is used for people and objects that are at a greater distance from the speaker.

The holidays vil jeg aldri glemme! - I will never forget that vacation!
The solbrilla (who) liked any bedre. - I liked those sunglasses (over there) better.
Det bordet (he) på tilbud. - That table (over there) is on sale.
The buksa (der) vil jeg prøve på. - I'd like to try those pants on.

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