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Picture frame sizes & measurements: How to find the right format

A frame should develop and strengthen the effect of the picture. The right amount plays a decisive role in this. There are many standard formats for picture frames that are tailored to the common formats of the pictures. Here you can find out everything you need to know about sizes, dimensions and formats of picture frames.

Which picture frame formats are there?

Our standard sizes include DIN formats, panorama dimensions and square picture frames.

Which picture frame sizes are available as standard sizes?

We offer the following sizes as standard frames:

Which picture frame dimensions are there?

So that your pictures come into their own in the frame, it makes sense to know the different dimensional shapes.

Image dimension

The picture size corresponds to the size of the glass pane of the picture frame. The dimensions of our products always refer to the image dimensions. This means that the frames are manufactured exactly in such a way that a picture with the specified dimensions fits into it. If you want to use a passe-partout, you should opt for a larger frame: For a picture with the dimensions 20 x 30 cm, choose a frame with the dimensions 30 x 40 cm.

External dimension

The external dimension refers to the entire size of the picture frame. This is particularly important to consider if you want to hang a picture on a narrow wall or niche. If you decide on a very wide, opulent picture frame, you have to add the width of the frame to the actual picture size.


The frame always covers a few millimeters of the picture. The light measure refers to the actually visible part of the picture. You should take this into account if, for example, you want to frame and hang a picture with text or if the picture contains important details at the edge of the picture. In this case you should choose the picture frame a little larger.


The fold size indicates the inside size of the picture frame, i.e. how much space there is inside for the picture. For example, if the picture size is 20 x 30 cm, a few millimeters are added for the rebate size so that the picture fits perfectly into the frame.

To which dimensions do our size specifications refer?

Our size specifications always refer to the picture size.

Which picture frame format do you need?

The dimensions given for picture frames usually correspond to the picture size, i.e. the size of the glass pane. Measure out your picture and look for a frame with that dimension. If your picture has the dimensions 20 x 30 cm and you do not want to use a passepartout, then you also need a picture frame with the dimensions 20 x 30 cm. Please note that with all frames, except for frameless picture holders, the bar covers part of the picture (usually approx. 0.5 cm).

In what size do you order your picture frame with passepartout?

If you want to frame a picture with a passe-partout, the dimensions of the picture frame should correspond to the outer dimensions of the passe-partout. The size of the passe-partout depends on the image size and the desired edge of the passe-partout. In order for the mat to achieve the desired effect, it should be at least two centimeters wide. For larger image formats, we recommend a margin of at least five centimeters:

Format of the imageFormat of the passe-partoutWidth of the border
20x30 cm30x40 cm5 cm
30x40 cm40x50 cm5 cm
40x50 cm50x60 cm5 cm
40x60 cm50x70 or 60x80 cm5 or 10 cm
60x80 cm70x100 cm5 or 10 cm

Of course, these are only guidelines. You can choose the width of the passe-partout according to your taste. In our tutorial you will learn how to calculate the correct mat size.

Why should you always measure your picture?

You should always measure a picture before you order a frame. This is because there can sometimes be small format deviations during photo development - even though you have ordered a specific format.

Why are there standard formats?

Many photos, certificates and posters are only printed in certain formats. The picture frame manufacturers have orientated themselves and produce the frames in the same sizes. The glass and rear wall of the frame can be ordered already cut to size and larger quantities can be produced in series. This means that standard picture frames are cheaper than custom-made ones.

Which sizes in cm do the DIN / US formats correspond to?

formatImage size in cm
DIN A159.4 cm x 84 cm
DIN A242 cm x 59.4 cm
DIN A329.7 cm x 42 cm
A421 cm x 29.7 cm
DIN A514.8 cm x 21 cm
US letter21.6 cm x 27.9 cm
US legal21.6 cm x 35.6 cm

Do we also offer larger formats (DIN A0)?

We offer frames up to a size of 70 cm x 100 cm online. For larger formats (up to 90 x 120) we will be happy to provide you with an offer from a quantity of five pieces on request. In the case of individual picture frames, however, due to the bulkiness of frames in this format, the packaging and shipping costs are too significant, so that an order usually does not pay off for you.

What image formats are there?

Analog images, unlike digital images, are measured in centimeters. For this reason, it is important to know which digital size will fit your desired analog size when printing and framing an image.

The following table shows you which analog image sizes, i.e. standard formats, are available:

All important information on image size, resolution, aspect ratios, pixels and image formats on the web can be found here.

What are removable frames?

Change frame is a generic term for picture frames in standardized sizes, which can be opened and closed again to change the pictures on the back.

Are the frames supplied with a hanging device?

The back of our interchangeable picture frames is already provided with hanging devices that are attached so that you can use the frame in portrait or landscape format. Here you can read how to hang your picture correctly.

How are the pictures framed in the standard frame?

No matter whether photos, posters, prints, your own pictures, puzzles up to 2 mm cardboard thickness, fabrics, certificates (certificate frames) or documents - with an interchangeable picture frame you can usually frame anything that is not thicker than 2 millimeters.

First, place the removable picture frame with the pane facing down on a soft surface (for example the carpet). Then press the pressure springs down and thus loosen the rear wall. Remove the back panel and the paper insert. If you want to frame without a passepartout, you can now position the picture with the motif facing down on the glass, place the paper insert on it and fix the whole thing with the back wall again.

When framing with a passe-partout, it is advisable to fix the photo or picture with narrow adhesive strips on the back of the passe-partout so that it cannot slip after framing.

Is your format not included?

Special dimensions for pictures are common. If you cannot or do not want to crop the picture, simply order a custom-made picture frame. But you can also buy a larger frame and a custom-made passepartout. You can then simply match the mat cut-out to your picture.

Do all frames come with glass?

Yes, all of our standard frames are delivered complete and have everything you need: glass, back wall and hangers for portrait and landscape format.

Which picture frame colors do we offer?

The color of the frame plays an important role in the overall impression. Our range includes picture frames in the following colors:

You can find the right picture frame here: