What's wrong with Snapchat

Snapchat not working? You can do that

No matter whether it's pictures, selfies or your own picture stories - you can send everything with Snapchat. But what can you do if Snapchat has stopped working and messages can no longer be received or sent?

By Margarete Hayduk

With Snapchat, the focus is not on classic messages, but snapshots that "self-destruct" after ten seconds. Occasionally, however, Snapchat is affected by glitches - and Snapchat does not work. Or does it? With our five tips, users can become active themselves and then quickly keep snapping.

Problem case # 1: Snap feed does not update

You don't get any new snaps? Regardless of whether you are an iPhone or Android user: First of all, you need to check the Internet connection, for example by surfing any website with your mobile browser. If this is not the cause of the problem, restarting the smartphone can be worthwhile. It often fixes problems by itself. Also advisable: take a look at the app settings. Possibly just a new update is pending. If that doesn't help, you should contact customer support.

Problem case no. 2: Logging in does not work

Snapchat hanging? In this case, too, restarting the device is recommended. If this does not provide a solution, then there is still the removal and reinstallation. If the login confirmation is activated, make a note of the recovery code in advance and save the backups.

Problem case no. 3: Undo the update

You don't like a new Snapchat update? No problem - you can undo it and continue snapchatting with the old version.

Android users open the settings of their smartphone and search for and open Snapchat in the app list. Now click on the "Uninstall updates" button and then restart the smartphone. Finished.

With Apple users, the process is a bit trickier, but it is still possible. The prerequisite is that there is a backup of the device on iTunes. Then in the first step you can delete Snapchat from the device, your data will be removed, but contacts and old snaps will be retained.

Now iOS users open the settings on their smartphone and select "iTunes & App Stores" there. Important: Automatic downloads of apps and updates must be deactivated here using the slide controls. Otherwise a new update will be available soon.

Now connect your iPhone to the computer and start iTunes. Select "Apps" from the drop-down menu. The older backup version of Snapchat will now show up in the library. Click on the Snapchat icon, start the installation and wait for the synchronization. Done!

Problem case no. 4: Camera in Snapchat does not work

Photos and videos are the essence of Snapchat, so of course it's very annoying when the camera suddenly goes on strike. It is possible that faulty files are responsible for the problem, so look under Settings in the Snapchat app cache and delete the data.

Does the app even have permission to access the camera? Snapchat users can check this by clicking on Snapchat in settings and looking at "Permissions". Here the option for "Camera" must be set to "On".

Does the camera jerk while taking pictures? The microSD card may then be damaged. This can be tested by using the cell phone camera with another app. If there are problems here too, the problem is with the camera and not with Snapchat.

Problem case # 5: Snapchat is down

Why isn't Snapchat working? When is Snapchat going again? If you have exhausted all of the above options without success, the cause may be with the app itself. Be sure to take a look at the website allestoerungen.de. Here users can find out whether other Snapchat users are also struggling with the same problem - including their problem descriptions. Snapchat's Twitter account also keeps users up to date in the event of a malfunction. Then all that remains is to be patient.