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"Up on the deck and to the cannons, you landlubbers. Our ship is under attack and I, as your captain, order you to sink these fish heads with your ship. Let's get them down and then we'll steal their booty. ”This or something like that can be imagined as the everyday life of a pirate captain. If you want to experience this yourself, you can play pirate wars as a browser game. We put ships, pirates and treasure chests to the test in the browser game Pirate Wars!

Advertising, advertising and again advertising

The first big minus came from us immediately after logging in. It is quite normal for a browser game to be financed by advertising, but it should be kept discreet. In pirate wars, it almost imposes itself. In our test, there was a banner in the header that made up a good 40% of our screen vertically. In addition, another banner on the right side.

After a bit of searching, we found our way into the game. You are not automatically there. A world / server has to be selected and started. Only then can you choose your nation and there is already the first big decision.

Nations with their strengths and weaknesses

It is advisable to study the game instructions before starting. The different nations have different strengths and weaknesses. You should know these in order to be able to make a good choice. Anyone who has not read well is likely to run into problems quickly if he does not know what to do with terms such as “movable gunners” or “two types of ships”.

Pirate Wars, however, also offers a kind of beginner mode if you choose the English. Later on you can play with them normally, whatever that means. Through the detailed explanations, you can get a good picture and realize that this browser game has to be very strategic. Then quickly click on a character picture and it goes back again. In addition to the advertising banners that had already been discovered, another one was added, which further damaged the overall picture.

The tutorial

So, let's get on with life as a pirate or not? Each player receives an island from which he begins his adventures. This has a good dozen buildings, for example a gold mine. A technical error came to light here. There it said: “After you've already built the gold mine at level 2, we now need a sawmill and a quarry!” Our gold mine was still at level 0. So we first made up for this expansion, in which the tutorial provided us had already rushed ahead. So we clicked on the gold mine in the colony overview and looked for the button to expand. But we didn't find anything. There was only a brief description and a breakdown of the levels and their yield.

The tutorial spoke of the “town hall” as the starting point for all construction work. In fact, however, this is known as the “city center”. Here we found the gold mine and all other buildings to be expanded. How now, 15 minutes to build for the first stage? In pirate wars, you need strong nerves in many ways.

The tasks in the game

The first thing to do is to build up the colony. The basic supply of raw materials is elementary. This is followed by the construction of a weapons factory and port facility in order to be able to “visit” other players at all. Research and trade are also available, and in an alliance, fighting is much better. The variety of units and ship types promises a lot. But until then you have to come first when the simplest buildings need 15 minutes to erect. The fun of the game only gets its money's worth later on.


Finding your way in pirate wars is like studying a little. The upper menu serves no purpose for the game. There you only get to the forum, the lobby, etc. On the left side, not all tabs are important for the start. The gameplay is a couple of clicks and then you wait again for a while. For example, on the completion of a new building level or the recruitment of soldiers. There is not much fun in the game, only with the true strategists. The possibilities are more reminiscent of a board game like “Risk” than a browser game. There is still a lot that can be improved here.


It is not presumptuous to say that the large number of advertisements is usually better designed than the actual design. There are numerous small symbols for buildings, units and ships, but the love for miniatures can be seen everywhere. The game menu is also not of normal size. There are only pluses for the character image and the curved design of the upper menu, into which the play areas fit well. There is no need to speak of the nautical chart, however. It is tiny and has very few details. You can click between two islands very quickly, precisely because everything was designed so small.


We had already suspected it, the first item on the list of advantages as a premium: No advertising. If you want to play pirate wars in the long term, you will be happy to fall back on it. But this is not the point and purpose of a browser game. The other premium features are only intended to provide a better overview. There is no economic benefit from this. Those who book for 60 days receive the premium month for € 2.50. This is a very low price and worth it to some people just because of the freedom of advertising.


So far, pirate wars have only shown how it shouldn't be done. A good game concept is destroyed by a poor overview and massive advertising. Profit seems to come first here. Pirate wars certainly have a high long-term factor in terms of fun. But whether you like it is the other question. Because it takes a few days until the first ships are built and the war is waged. As a pirate it would have been easier, the description says. But this still needs to be tested, because in terms of the basic principle, everyone should have the same chances. Work on the game has only just begun and so it is to be hoped that one will think again about the design and advertising.

If you would like to put the game to your own test, then register for Pirate Wars for free!

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Long term factor: medium
Suitable for: strategists only
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