Is Django easier than Rails

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Post Thu Feb 23, 2012 20:11

Hi Guys,

I actually thought that this would be taken a bit more seriously despite my contribution

Because my message was serious, only that you have to be open to new things and not directly say yes Python is the number 1 and from then on just looking for reasons against Ruby etc.

For me it was completely worth it to think outside the box,
since I really only want to develop websites and since Rails is definitely better than Django,
after the installation I could start right away,
everything was immediately clear and understandable

Then I'll bring in a real comparison:

Ruby on Rails 3 works with the old Ruby 1.8 as well as the new Ruby 1.9, which I think is great because Ruby 1.9 is much better than Ruby 1.8.

In Python it looks different because Django is still working with the outdated version Python 2.4 instead of working with Python 3.2,
and the 3 version has been around for a few years and there is still no 3 version in prospect, which I think is a shame.

Then it's really like Ruby on Rails does it and other frameworks are based on Roby on Rails,
So Ruby on Rails sets the tone, so why go for a cheap imitation and not just use the original?

I took a close look at both to be able to say that as a web developer you are better off with Ruby on Rails than with Python's Django.


This is not supposed to be a Python vs Ruby comparison,
if I just wanted to program, I would prefer the syntax of Python to the Ruby ends, but as a web developer I just want to create websites quickly and easily and that's exactly what I can do better with Ruby on Rails.

Well the problem is simply that nobody can think outside the box, otherwise there would be no mil. PHP developers give who still work with PHP today than to develop with Ruby on Rails (or Django), which would be much more productive,
but they just don't see it that's why they just have to go the harder way,
I feel really great to be one of those who, thank God, may have seen it late but thank God at all,
So I can't be that stupid if I'm already ahead of many when choosing the right tool

And the example with the Velcro was really funny,
had worst laugh flash.