Helps to cook bass guitar strings

How often is it recommended to change the strings?

As some people have said before, it depends on what you want to sound like. Depending on how often you play, your strings will sound a lot duller after a while. Personally, I think when you hit newer strings sound a lot better. You only have this bright beat to them. Also, if you use a pick I think newer strings will sound better.

For most things, however, I like a duller, rounder sound that older strings give after losing their shine. It could be a combination of my amp settings and my playing style, it could also be the fact that I haven't broken a G-string in a while so I just didn't bother changing them and forgot how it sounds.

I wouldn't worry about the fret marks on your strings. I guess I was practicing ~ 4-6 a day when I first put the strings on, that was before college. I switched majors about halfway and didn't play that much. The strings have been there for 7 years I would say. The last 4 of them I play for a maximum of 10 hours a month, maybe without serious practice, only taking in small things here and there.

I would say part of it is happiness. I use DR but I don't remember the exact type and they were the easiest language they had in my local store.

One thing to note is that if you are playing old strings it is good to wipe them off after playing, it is still good to actually do so. I can't imagine how gross they are and I'd rather not think about them, but other than that, old strings will kill any kind of sustain you have and if you were worried about that I would definitely change them once they start to become a dull sound or begin to build up on the strings. There is no specific time frame for this and it depends on how much you play and how damp the area where you store your instruments is.