Is hunger a sign of an increased metabolism?

Metabolism: 7 surprising signs it's too slow

If you have the feeling that, despite a balanced diet, a healthy diet and regular exercise, your body is accumulating fat deposits in record time and the fat is not burning at full speed,this could be a clear sign of a slowed metabolism. For those who want to lose weight, it can be quite frustrating when the digestive system is moving at a snail's pace and there is no success, even though they are doing everything right when eating and eating healthy meals. To find out if you are also affected, we have summarized seven key symptoms that can indicate a slow metabolism. We also explain how you can boost it ...

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1. You lack energy and you are constantly tired

Are you tired as soon as you wake up, don't really get going at work and could you go back to bed straight away after work? Fatigue and lack of sleep are usually indicators that we are missing something - from oxygen to exercise. The persistent lack of energy can therefore be a clear sign that your metabolism is slow and that you hardly burn more than your basal metabolic rate. Because if the body processes the calories ingested more slowly, this can inhibit the energy processes of the organs and lead to excessive sluggishness and a persistent metabolic disorder. Conversely, sufficient sleep is extremely important for an intact metabolism, because during sleep the body normally regenerates and without sufficient recovery, the processes get mixed up. We guarantee that, in addition to your balanced diet, you also ensure you get the right amount of sleep during the diet, your metabolism will quickly get going again.

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2. You suddenly gain weight

It can also be a sign of a slow metabolism if you unexpectedly gain weight and store fat while eating the same diet. This seemingly inexplicable weight gain is one of the most obvious symptoms that you are stuck with a metabolic disorder. If it is actually too slow, a regular supply of nutrients and the consumption of meals is extremely important, because if you eat very little or hardly supply any calories to your body, your body automatically switches to the back burner and only the most essential metabolic processes become active. By the way, you hear from time to time that you have to eat several small meals a day so that your metabolism runs at full speed. That is not true, however. It is completely sufficient if you have your three main meals a day and thus cover your daily calorie requirement, i.e. at least the basal metabolic rate. Otherwise it can quickly happen that you unwillingly have one or the other gram of fat on your hips again.

3. You have hair loss

Clumps of hair in your brush are also symptoms of a metabolic disorder. When processes in the body are slowed down, your cells are not as active as they should be, which often manifests itself in the form of hair loss. In this case, you should make sure you get enough vitamins. In many cases, hair loss can be traced back to a vitamin or iron deficiency in the body, which in turn can lead to a metabolic disorder. Especially for women who are in their menopause, hair loss can be fatal and even there, the reason can be a lame metabolism. This slows down steadily with age. To prevent hair loss, we recommend the "Strengthening Shampoo" from the "Botanicals" care series by L'Oréal Paris, which is particularly suitable for weakened and fine hair.

4. You have constant headaches

If your thyroid hormones are out of whack, which is the case with hypothyroidism associated with slow metabolism, it can lead to frequent headaches. The lack of these special hormones lowers the basal metabolic rate of the cells, makes you weak and can lead to pain. If the pain doesn't stop, you should definitely see a doctor. Alternatively, you can try capsules, which stimulate a slow metabolism. On Amazon you can buy "Metabolism Active Capsules" from Nutri for about 20 euros (60 pieces).

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5. Your memory is bad

Do you have increasing problems memorizing names, appointments and events? Your memory may deteriorate, which can be a clear sign of slow metabolic processes. In order to be able to work concentrated for longer periods of time and to keep the memory going, a consistently high energy supply is important. This is ensured by complex, long-chain carbohydrates such as whole grain bread or oatmeal.

6. You have mood swings

If your metabolism is very slow, it can also make you feel down, moody, or even depressed. Yes, the combustion process actually has a considerable influence on our hormones. To get going again, you should make sure you get enough exercise, adequate hydration, and a balanced diet, as nutritional deficiencies can also affect your mood.

7. You have dry skin

With a slow metabolism, the cells are not as active as they should be, which can also imply a slowed blood supply. The result: your skin feels dry and cracked. What many do not know: good digestion also ensures beautiful skin! If all of these symptoms are increasing and your physical condition worsens, it is possible that your metabolism is not only sluggish, but that you have a metabolic disorder. In such a case, you should definitely go to the doctor and get professional advice.

How can you stimulate the metabolism?

Fortunately, there are a few powerful tips that can help you get your metabolism going again and lose weight faster. This includes sporting activities such as jogging, cycling and increased physical activity in everyday life. In addition, you should make sure to drink enough water at all times - only with the help of pure water can your body excrete all environmental toxins, metabolic toxins, toxins for the home and other pollutants from the environment every day. Certain foods such as green tea and coconut water also stimulate the metabolism.

Diet is crucial for your metabolism

As you have probably already noticed, however, proper nutrition and certain nutrients also play a central role in a functioning metabolic process and healthy fat burning.Instead of limiting the calories you consume to a minimum and thereby reducing your metabolism completely, you should instead focus on the right foods. For example, dairy products help build muscle tissue, which consumes more energy than fat tissue and is essential to boost the metabolism.

These nutrients in food drive metabolism and energy levels

Carbohydrates should also not be completely eliminated from the menu, as this can result in low glycogen levels, and the important energy reserves for an active workout and strength training are missing. In order to save the reserves, the metabolism slows down. Instead, you should try to boost your energy level with complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, dark rice and whole grain flakes, which you put on the menu in moderation. And that's not all: foods that contain protein and valuable fiber are also crucial for weight loss and active fat burning. Above all, the fiber can satiate us in the long term and thus help everyone who is currently on a diet. Proteins heat up the metabolism, especially when combined with exercise. In principle, they are also a kind of fuel for the muscles, because if we want to move, we need energy. If the body is supplied with more protein and fewer carbs, the body breaks down fat faster.

By the way, there is a certain type of diet that can also boost your metabolism. We are talking about the popular intermittent fasting. With this method, you only eat during a certain time window. How you divide this up is up to you. An example would be to fast for twelve hours and eat for twelve. With this type of fasting, the metabolism can continue to run at full speed during breaks and literally burn the fat in your sleep.

By the way, you don't make a mistake by adding chilli, cinnamon or ginger to your meal. These foods also have a positive effect on the metabolism, ensure that fat deposits are attacked and support weight loss.

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You should avoid these mistakes

While there are a few things you can do to get your metabolism up, there are of course certain factors and mistakes that you should avoid. This includes a diet that is too sugary, the consumption of foods with too high calories, too much alcohol, regular distortion of fast food, too little exercise, no weight training and, of course, skipping the three main meals, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner . An unhealthy diet that promises you weight loss in just a few days is also not a good idea. All of these things also result in slow metabolism, but we can control them.

This drink also boosts the metabolism

When choosing our drinks, we can also do something good for our metabolism and heat it up properly. For this we use green tea, because it is containedPfLance substances influence the heat development of our body, stimulate the metabolism and even help more to burn calories. But that wasn't all: TheCaffeine content the drink accelerates fat burning and health promotingAntioxidants keep digestion going- Green tea has a lot to offer! From now on we will definitely be making green tea more often and rely on our favorite variety from Biotiva, which you can order directly to your home for around 10 euros in a supply pack. 💪🏻

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