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HP EliteDisplay E273q in the test: Top business monitor

With 27 inches, 1440p and almost all ergonomic functions, the HP EliteDisplay E273q is aimed at business customers. The test shows how elite the display really is.

For business customers, displays have to meet certain requirements. They should be big enough so that even large Excel tables can be processed properly, they must be adaptable to their users, but at the same time also fit into the budget. This test should show to what extent the HP has managed with the EliteDisplay E273q. For this I had the monitor in use as the primary work device for several weeks.

To anticipate: the HP EliteDisplay E273q fulfills all of these factors for me and even if there are cheaper displays, I think HP has chosen exactly the right mix of components and properties.


Technical specifications of the HP EliteDisplay E273q
Panel type27-inch anti-reflective IPS panel with LED backlighting in 16: 9 format
resolutionWQHD (2560x1440px)
Point of view178 ° horizontal / 178 ° vertical
Update rate60 Hz
reaction time5 ms
contrast1000: 1 static, 5000000: 1 dynamic
brightness350 cd / m²
Adaptive synchronizationAdaptive Sync
Ergonomic functionsTilt: -5 to + 22 °
Pan: 45 ° ± 2 °
Rotation range: 90 °
Height: 150mm
Video connections1x VGA
1x DisplayPort ™ 1.2
1x USB Type-C
Other connectionsUSB 3.1 hub (1x up, 2x down), with up to 15W PowerDelivery
Energy efficiency classB.
particularitiesPivot function
100 × 100 VESA standard
Dimensions61.2 x 4.9 x 36.4 cm
Weight7.4 kg with stand
priceapprox. 318 euros *

Scope of delivery and assembly - complete and simple

The box of the HP EliteDisplay E273q can just about be carried on its own. Inside, in addition to the display and stand, there are also the usual accessories:

  • Power cord
  • DisplayPort cable
  • HDMI cable
  • USB Type-C to A cable
  • Paperwork

The assembly is done quickly. Click the stand on the display, set it up, connect the cable - done. The time required is two minutes and the display is stable on your desk.


HP EliteDisplay E273q in our shop

Design and processing - pure business

Simple, clear lines determine the design of the HP EliteDisplay E273q. The silver frame is very narrow on three sides and the fourth (lower) bar also has a subtle width. The base itself is kept in the appropriate style and changes from a bar shape to a rectangular base. For the bar shape, there are also accessories from HP to attach a mini PC directly to it.

The back, on the other hand, uses an elegant black, which is only interrupted by a silver HP logo. The video connections cannot be seen from behind and so the shape is only interrupted by the USB hub on the right-hand side. As a material, HP relies entirely on plastic.

Even if the HP EliteDisplay E273q is aimed at business customers and functionality is the top priority there, I think it's good that there was still space for aesthetics.

Ergonomics - how you want it

The HP EliteDisplay E273q scores here as well. Not only can it be tilted and rotated, it also has a swivel function. It also includes one of my favorite functions: Pivot. I use this view a lot and pay attention to it on all monitors.

Not only does the HP EliteDisplay have a pivot function, it can also be tilted in both directions. However, if it is turned to the left, the USB hub can no longer be actively used.

If you don't want to use the hub or prefer to occupy it permanently - with printers or USB receivers - you don't have to worry about which direction to go.

HP EliteDisplay E273q in our shop

Connections - all there

To send a video signal to the HP EliteDisplay E273q, buyers have four options: HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and UB Type-C. The VGA may seem a bit outdated at first glance, but if you consider how long laptops are sometimes in use in companies, the VGA port makes sense.

To use the USB-C port for a video signal, you need a USB-C to USB-C cable. This is not included in the scope of delivery. The supplied USB-C to USB-A cable is used to supply the USB hub of the HP EliteDisplay E273q.

It would be a really ingenious addition if the notebook could still be charged via the monitor's USB-C port. One will still be allowed to dream.

Otherwise there is only the connection for the power on the back and the USB hub on the side. It is a bit fiddly to reach blind, but fulfills its purpose perfectly.

If you want to connect USB receivers for mouse and keyboard, you should switch on the permanent power supply of the USB hub in the monitor settings. Otherwise no signal can flow, for example to wake up the display by moving the mouse. This function is deactivated ex works.

Menu - structured but fiddly

The menus of the display are controlled by four buttons on the underside. The buttons don't have the best pressure point, but navigating through the flat menus is simple and intuitive

After a few dozen monitors, I definitely prefer a joystick on the back. Menus that are controlled via this are usually a little easier to use. Usually you only set the menu once and never touch it again afterwards. By the way, if you got stuck with the (color) settings - there is a function for a factory reset. More manufacturers are welcome to do this.


Display - true to color, pretty & bright

HP relies on an IPS panel for the display. That means good colors and stable viewing angles. But my highlight is the maximum display brightness of almost 350nits. Most office monitors stop creating 250 nits, and not always that either. However, the following graphic shows that the display is not completely evenly illuminated.

In return, the HP EliteDisplay E273q scores in terms of color fidelity. With 100% in the sRGB color space and 77% in the extended Adobe color space, it delivers good values ​​for doing simple color-critical work on it.

In general, the colors are very precise, even if there is an outlier. The following graphic shows how the HP EliteDisplay E273q performed with the individual colors.

IPS displays have a big advantage with Pivot - the colors don't tilt. With a TN panel it can happen that even the slightest deviation in the sitting position leads to distorted colors or red casts. Not with the HP EliteDisplay E273q.


Sound & camera - Not available

In a promotional video for the HP EliteDisplay E-series it could be seen that some models in the series have a built-in webcam and are supplied with speakers from Bang & Olufsen. None of this applies to the E273q, and that's a good thing.

Monitor sound is terrible 99% of the time and even permanently installed webcams rarely deliver good images. It's just an additional feature, but not the main reason to buy a monitor. I am glad that HP did without it here and instead focused on the essentials.

But if you want, you can find a suitable soundbar for the HP EliteDisplay E273q in HP's accessories catalog. In an office, however, it probably makes more sense to invest in a pair of good headphones with ANC. Your colleagues will be grateful.

Conclusion HP EliteDisplay E273q - pure business and that's good

The HP EliteDisplay E273q meets all the criteria that are placed on a modern office / business monitor. At 27 inches, enough content fits on the display and thanks to the 1400p resolution, the presentation is sharp. In addition, thanks to a large number of ergonomic functions, it can be optimally adapted to its user.

At currently around 320 € it is not the cheapest model on the market, but combines all the important features that are needed in everyday office life. In return, HP has dispensed with useless features in this model that would only have increased the price. In any case, I didn't find any real weaknesses in the monitor during my test period.

If I could change two things on the HP EliteDisplay E273q, it would be charging the notebook via the USB-C port and a slightly higher Hz number. 75 or 100 Hz also have an advantage in office applications - they are easier on the eyes. Anyone who has ever scrolled through an Excel table with 1000 columns will understand what I mean. But even without these two functions, the monitor is a good choice for almost all office environments.

HP EliteDisplay E273q in our shop

* As of 03/2020