Control Black Atlanta

Two gunshot wounds resulted in the death of the African American Rayshard Brooks after a police operation in Atlanta, Georgia. After the autopsy on Sunday, forensic medicine announced that Brooks was shot twice in the back, the TV station CNN reported in the evening (local time). The 27-year-old died of organ damage and blood loss from the two gunshot wounds. Death is reported as a homicide offense.

Brooks had been checked by the police on Friday night for falling asleep in his car in a line of cars outside a fast food restaurant. The police found that Brooks had drank too much to drive and tried to handcuff the man. When he resisted the arrest, stole a policeman's taser, activated it and ran away, he was gunned down by one of the two white policemen.

Initially, the conversation between Brooks and the police was in a calm tone - and longer than 20 minutes, as US media reported. The man subsequently died in a hospital after an operation.

The responsible district attorney Paul Howard criticized according to CNN the actions of the police. Brooks did not appear to pose a threat to anyone, Howard said. "The fact that it escalated to his death just seems inappropriate." According to Howard, charges could be brought against the police officers involved in the operation mid-week. Before that, two witnesses should be heard. A charge of manslaughter or negligent homicide is possible.

Criticism of the disproportionate use

The lawyer for Brooks' family also criticized the police. "According to the law, a taser is not a lethal weapon," said Chris Stewart. The police video on the operation showed that Brooks had been polite. Brooks could have just been told to take a cab home. "That should never have resulted in his death," said Stewart.

The day after the crime, the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, had openly expressed doubts about the proportionality of the violence. Police chief Erika Shields resigned. The officer who fired the shots was fired. His colleague was temporarily suspended.

Brooks' death continues to fuel unrest in the United States. In Atlanta, the situation escalated on Saturday evening. Protesters set fire to the fast food restaurant, according to local media reports. In addition, a nearby highway was blocked. According to CNN, the police also used tear gas and stun grenades against the protesters. Since the death of the African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation three weeks ago, there have been massive protests against racism and police violence across the country.