How do I start this application

Ubuntu Documentation

  • Start typing the name of an application - it should be searched for immediately. If it doesn't, click in the search box at the top of the screen, then start typing. Then click on the application icon to start it.

  • Some applications have icons in the Dash, the vertical stripe with icons on the left in the Activities overview. Click on one of these icons to start the associated application.

    You can add frequently used applications to the Dash yourself.

  • Click the dot grid icon at the bottom of the dash. You can now see the frequently used applications when the Frequently view is activated. If you want to start a new application, click the All button at the bottom of the view to display all applications. Click the application you want to launch.

  • You can run an application in its own workspace by dragging the application icon from the Dash to one of the workspaces on the right side of the screen. The application opens in the corresponding workspace.

    You can start an application on a new workspace by moving its icon to the empty workspace at the bottom of the workspace switcher or into the narrow gap between two workspaces.