How can I find and find friends

7 ways to make new friends

Making new friends is a desire many people have. Do you sometimes feel lonely and would you like to build or expand your circle of friends? Go ahead. Here are seven ways you can find new joy.

1. Attend further training

What do you do for a living? Is there anything you would like to learn? Or are you interested in delving into completely new subject areas? Register for a course or course. Here you can be sure that only people take part who share at least this one interest with you. What if that is not a basis for new acquaintances?

2. Have a party yourself and make new friends

If you are brave, you can also invite your friends yourself and consciously point out that everyone should bring someone back with them. Also talk openly with your current friends and acquaintances about the fact that you want to meet new people. Perhaps you are not alone at all and are about to team up!

3. On the Internet

The web is currently the number one contact exchange - whether it is about meeting potential partners or like-minded people in forums. There are communities for almost everything - whether for single parents, athletes or bloggers.

4. Go to sports clubs

In almost every larger city, running meetings are organized by the city / municipality or by local sports clubs. Lace up your running shoes and just join in!

5. Enroll in the fitness center

If you have a little more time, you can also enroll in a fitness center. When exercising on the equipment or during a yoga class, you can quickly get into conversation. And: Most of the time the same people are always there at the same times!

6. Reactivate old contacts

It's hard to believe, but many old contacts that you have already forgotten can be rediscovered as a completely new, old friendship. Where are your old school friends? What do the neighbors do with your childhood? What are the former colleagues from the university doing? Thanks to Facebook and Co, it is now easy to re-establish old contacts.

7. Volunteering

Volunteering can be very fulfilling: you help other people without getting paid for it. In return you get a lot more in return: gratitude, life experiences, recognition - and certainly many new colleagues and contacts!

And don't forget: Those who get to know new people often get to know their friends again in this way.

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