What makes Perseus a demigod


Perseus is one of the most famous demigods and heroes in Greek mythology.

He is a son of Zeus and Danae and is the one who beheaded Medusa.


Before Perseus was born, his grandfather received a prophecy that said his grandson would kill him. This deterred him so much that he locked his daughter Danaƫ in a bronze dungeon. Zeus fell in love with the princess and bewitched her in the form of golden rain.

After 9 months she gave birth to Perseus. The king noticed this and locked them both in a wooden box and threw them into the sea.

They were driven to the beach of Serifos where the fisherman Diktys found and took them in. They went to the King Polydectes and he took them in.

Polydectes asked Perseus to bring him the head of Medusa. He hoped that Perseus would die in the process, because he was chasing after Danae and this aroused Perseus' displeasure. If Perseus should die, his way would be cleared.

But Perseus received help: Hermes gave him winged shoes, a pouch for the head of Medusa and a cloak that made it invisible. He told Perseus to go to the gray sisters and ask them where Medusa is.

When he arrived on the island, he saw three old, gray women who only had one eye and one tooth that they passed back and forth. He took them both away and they told him where Medusa's cave is. The deity Athena appeared and gave him a smoothly polished bronze shield and a sword that can cut through anything.

The Gorgons were asleep, Perseus crept up to Medusa with his cloak of invisibility. He did not look her face, but used her reflection, which he saw in his mirror shield. He beheaded her and fled from Medusa's sisters, who, unlike her, were immortal.

The winged horse named Pegasus sprang out of Medusa's body, since Medusa was impregnated by Poseidon when he appeared in the form of a horse. Chrysaor also sprang from her body.

With the head of Medusa in his luggage, Perseus flew to Ethiopia, where he saved Andromeda from keto. Atlas did not want to receive Perseus because he had been prophesied by an oracle that a son of Zeus would steal the apples of the Hesperides, which is why Perseus petrified him with the head of Medusa. It became the Atlas Mountains.

During Andromeda's and Perseus' wedding, Perseus used the head of Medusa to freeze some of the attackers to stone.

At the Olympic Games, Perseus hurled a disc and met his grandfather, who died in the end.