Can terrorist be neutralized

Terror in Vienna: Terrorist militia claims attack for itself

The terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) claimed the attack in Vienna left four people dead and 22 injured, some seriously. A "soldier of the caliphate" carried out the attack with firearms and a knife and killed or injured around 30 people in the city center on Monday evening, including police officers, the IS announced on Tuesday on its Nashir News platform.

An IS statement on the Telegram messaging service also revealed the extremist organization's commitment on Tuesday evening. However, there were no indications to support the declaration.

The Ministry of the Interior checks the letter of confession. It cannot yet be said whether it is real or not, the APA said.

14 preliminary arrests

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) presented new findings on the terrorist attack in Vienna on Tuesday afternoon. Four people were killed and 22 people injured in the attack. The wounded policeman is in stable condition after a successful operation. Nehammer explained the higher number of injured by the fact that the rescue team took people to different hospitals. Therefore, it took until you got an overview of all the victims.

According to Nehammer, there have been 14 preliminary arrests so far in the course of the investigation. There are currently no more indications of a second perpetrator. However, the interior minister did not want to confirm that it was just a perpetrator.

The terrorist who was shot in downtown Vienna on Monday evening has been identified. Kujtim F. was 20 years old, had North Macedonian roots and had a relevant criminal record (Section 278b of the Criminal Code).

As Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) emphasized, the murdered bomber was undoubtedly a supporter of the radical Islamist terrorist militia "Islamic State" (IS). He was sentenced to 22 months in prison on April 25, 2019 for attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

On December 5th, he was conditionally released early - he was considered a young adult and thus fell under the privileges of the Juvenile Court Act (JGG). The interior minister said that the 20-year-old was shot dead by police in the vicinity of St. Rupert's Church. He criticized the man's temporary release from custody.

Investigations are ongoing

As Nehammer explained in an interview with the APA, extensive large-scale raids have already taken place in the vicinity of the perpetrator. Specifically, 15 house searches were carried out and several people were arrested.

In addition to Austrian citizenship, the assassin also had North Macedonian citizenship. "He was equipped with a dummy explosive belt and an automatic long gun, a handgun and a machete to carry out this hideous attack on innocent citizens," said the interior minister.

The attack left four people dead, two men and two women. After the attack in Vienna, seven people are in a critical, life-threatening condition. According to ORF, one of the women killed is a waitress.

The Director General for Public Security, Franz Ruf, reported that the bomber's apartment was opened with explosives on Tuesday night and a house search was carried out. In St. Pölten, too, there have been two house searches and two arrests, reports the "Kurier" online.

28-year-old policeman injured

Seven police officers made use of their service weapons in the course of the terrorist attack on Monday evening. According to the Vienna State Police President Gerhard Pürstl, the attacker was "neutralized" at 8:09 pm by officers from the Vienna Task Force Alarm Department (Wega).

A young policeman was among the injured. The 28-year-old was doing his duty in the city center when he met the perpetrator who was shooting randomly at passers-by and who was also shot at by him.

Several videos circulated from the incident in downtown Vienna on Monday evening, showing armed men shooting wildly in the inner city. A man with a Kalashnikov-style weapon runs down a cobbled alley and shoots. An eyewitness shouts "asshole" from a window.

The Viennese police meanwhile appealed that no videos and photos of the events should be published on social media. "This endangers both emergency services and the civilian population." (apa)