Why can't everyone use the dark web?

What is the dark web? - Advice to parents

Why do people use the dark web?

To hide your identity

  • People may not want their data to be collected
  • It's popular with civil rights groups, journalists, and those supporting privacy online
  • Be found (they could be criminals or commit criminal acts)
  • Access to dubious content
  • Hidden Services - Though TOR itself isn't hidden, the sites and users underneath are hidden under layers of darknet encryption

For criminal purposes

  • Trading on the black market
  • Buying illegal products (e.g. weapons / drugs)
  • Forums and media exchanges for pedophiles and terrorists

Is It Illegal to Use the Dark Web?

It is not illegal to use the dark net or gate unless you commit illegal activity.

What are the risks of the dark web for children?

Lack of regulated content and users

  • The anonymity of the dark internet makes it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to investigate cases of abuse

Explicit content

  • Children can access websites with naughty pictures, websites selling drugs and / or weapons - including the "open web".

Online maintenance

  • Sex offenders are more likely to address children in the "open network" than in the "dark network".
  • Sex offenders use the dark internet to meet online and discuss their strategy to take advantage of children

How is the dark web monitored?

CEOP - the part of the National Crime Agency's Child Exploitation and Online Protection section - will use the skills of its various experts to track down illegal activities on the dark internet, including forensic scientists and undercover internet investigators who have a huge role in this strategic advance will play.

CEOP receives over 1,300 reports a month, most of which are from industry groups such as: B. the major Internet service providers.

An annual review (2011-2012) found that more than 400 children were protected due to their activity. This also resulted in 192 suspects being arrested.

What should I do if my child uses the dark net?

Stay calm and understand the context

  • You haven't necessarily done anything illegal
  • Understand the reasons for accessing the platform

Have an open and honest conversation as you would for the "open web".

  • Both of these come with risks, so it is important to get them to develop critical thinking on the matter

Recognize the warning signs

  • People with bad intentions are good at gaining trust and building on that relationship to put pressure on your child. Support them in this recognize Who can you talk to and what information can be safely passed on

How do I protect my child from using the dark net?

  • Read our privacy filters for all devices and apps guides to learn how to set them up
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be used to add an extra layer of security to your child's online activity
  • If your child comes across something that bothers you or worries, please report it to them CEOP
  • Build your critical thinking- To make sure they know how to spot things that may not be what they seem and to make smarter decisions online. Also, make them aware that those who use the dark web may have complex reasons for staying anonymous, which can harm them.