Should I start a book on Wattpad?

4. How do you get more readers?

Everyone's questions. Of course you want people to read what you write. I'll give you tips on how to save, but I can't insure anything.


Personally, I have to say that it is quite easy to get more readers on Wattpad. The first thing to do is to use the correct tags. Use any tags that fit your story. When you write a fanfiction, put the group or person you are writing about and all the people in the group in the tags. Also write the shipping in the tags.

Here is an example of one of my faces:

Tags are important because they get your story suggested to others. If someone has read a story with the tag BTS and your story is also tagged BTS, the chances are that your story will be suggested to that person. So tag your story as best you can, but don't use bottle tags because that just sucks.

Update regularly

I have no idea how very regular updates make a difference whether your story is suggested to others or not, but regular updates ensure that the readers you already have stay with you.

If you read a story but it hasn't been updated for three months, you forget about it. I've had it many times that when the story got a new chapter, I wasn't interested in reading any further. Because I had already forgotten everything, I should have read the previous chapters again and I didn't feel like doing that.

So updating regularly will help keep readers and probably get new readers too.

It is also often the case that stories that have often not been updated have a deterrent effect. You think that the story has been put on hold when it has not been updated for months and no one starts reading a story that is sure to have no end.

It is best to look for fixed upload dates. Take your other duties into account. Do you have time every day to write a chapter? Then you can do that. Maybe every two days, that's fine too. Only on weekends is okay too. But if there is an update every two weeks or an update only every month, it becomes more problematic.

Something like that works almost only if the chapters that are then uploaded are long and detailed. Publishing just one 600 word chapter a month isn't really the real deal.

If you want to update more often, try to make the chapters shorter, so you can upload more.

Take your time to write, your readers won't hate you if you don't upload anything for a day. Trust me, I have experience.


Please do not advertise in the comments of other books. This is often not well received unless asked about it. At this point I would give you the chance to advertise your books here in the comments. So if you want you can advertise yourself here.

What you can do is advertise a next book in your own books. This is especially helpful at the beginning when you don't have that many followers.

Briefly introduce your book and say when it will be published. I've never seen anyone get angry about their own advertising. But don't overdo it.

Write things where you feel comfortable

Stay creative with your ideas. Please do not just try to write something in the hope of getting more readers if you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, here on Wattpad Stories the obvious sexual issues are often more successful than other stories, especially when it comes to small writers. Most of them only get their breakthrough when they write a dirty book, there is nothing wrong with it, everyone should write what they want.

But just because it's often like that, you don't have to do it. Write what you feel comfortable with. I've had it many times that my readers really wanted to read Smut, but I didn't really want to write one, but did it anyway so that they would be satisfied. As a result, I've already messed up almost the entire storyline of my faces. It's your story, so you can decide what to write, not the others.

Stay true to your ideas, even with non-smut stories you can get readers. Of course, it's okay if you want to write stories like that. You can tell when an author does not feel comfortable writing and it is simply nicer to read something that the author is also satisfied with.

As I said, I don't guarantee that you will get more readers with it, it's always different, but I would say that these tips will help.

Bye: 3