Why it is worth choosing ECE

Do child seats that grow with the child make sense?

Child seats that grow with the child Groups 1, 2 and 3 are a blessing for many parents and grandparents: They cover the greatest possible weight, age and height range of everyone Child restraint systems and are priced in a comparatively moderate range. Once bought, the good piece will, in the best case, last from one to twelve years of age. An acquisition for (children's) life. Assuming good care.

9 to 36 kilograms weight, 75 cm to 1.50 meters in height - The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is huge, quality and safety regularly convince in ADAC tests. "Combination seats are especially interesting if you regularly Children promotedwho are of different ages and sizes, "says Andreas Ratzek, ADAC child seat test coordinator." Grandparents, for example, who take their three-year-old or eight-year-old grandchildren with them, always have the right size on board with just one child seat. "

The car seat has to fit the child, not the norm group

First choices are in this case Combination seats with an impact shield. It keeps children in group 1 (around 1 to 4.5 years, 9 to 18 kg) as safe as a 5-point belt - and saves you the time-consuming dismantling of the seat belt system for the older, larger children (group 2/3) who have to be secured with the vehicle belt. Anyone who has tried it once knows: Impact body Bringing it into position or taking it out only takes a second, removing and re-installing the 5-point belt requires significantly more time and skill. And almost always a deep look into the operating instructions.

A child seat that grows with the child can withstand a lot over the years

Ultimately, the parents have to decide: Do you want a specific seat for each age group after the mandatory baby seat (group 0+)? Then they have to be prepared for continuous expenditure, but always have the latest technology on board and "fresh" seats. Or do you prefer to cherish and maintain a "Lifetime" model, i.e. a child seat that grows with the child?

"You mustn't forget: A child seat like this can go through a lot in the long run," says ADAC engineer Ratzek. The covers wear out, the upholstery gives way. "In this respect, our tip is usually: just a group 1 seat and then a group 2/3 seat that grows with the child." This means that parents and children are always on the safe side. Correct installation required.

Important: Correct installation according to the EU safety regulation

ECE R 44/04 and ECE R 44/03 - these two Test standards decide whether to be or not for child seats and baby carriers, provided they are not certified according to ECE R 129/00 (i-Size). Restraint systems with the test number 44/01 or 44/02 are no longer permitted and may therefore neither be used nor sold - and have been since April 2008! So steer clear of the inherited three-generation lottery seat ("He still does it") - and hurry to the rubbish with the old parts!