Why don't we feel the earth twisting?

Why don't we feel the earth moving?

In a car, you have a sense of speed because (a) the "wind" goes by as you speed through the air that is not moving at the same speed as the vehicle, and (b) you have the stationary objects nearby as perceive "move" into the distance behind it.

As the earth moves in its orbit, you will not notice any "wind" from the planet rushing through space, as the earth's atmosphere moves with the planet. The space around the planet does not contain any substance that could give the impression of "wind". The car is surrounded by air. So when you move through the air, it feels like you are moving because the air is flowing by. Since the planet does not move through a particularly gaseous medium, there is no impression of movement, no "wind".

Even when it comes to our planet, there is nothing "close" to create a point of reference that would make it appear that we are moving relative to that reference. Even the closest objects like the moon are so far away that the only obvious impression is that they are moving and we are still. Hence the reason why the geocentric view of our world has prevailed for so long.

Even when you sit still at home, your entire body is moving at the same speed as the rest of the planet, so your brain is not jostled or "turned" at all. When someone shakes you, your speed changes and your body feels the effects of the acceleration, and then you get jostled and turned. But that's because you experience sudden and rapid changes in speed and accelerations.


Also, the moon moves (on average) at the same speed as the earth, which is (on average) the same speed as the sun.