Who is a vampire


A vampire is a creature who bites people to drink of their blood. Vampires don't really exist. But stories of creepy bloodsuckers have long been told in almost all cultures. Vampire stories are not unique to us. They are also found in India and China. They also appear in Greco-Roman antiquity.

Vampires are mysterious beings of the night. They are "undead", they are living dead. Vampires feed on human blood. They also have two pointed, long canine teeth, just like a wolf. They bite their victims in the neck with their teeth and suck their blood. A person bitten by a vampire becomes a vampire himself.

During the day, vampires sleep in their coffins because they can't stand the daylight. They rise from their graves at night and go in search of the living.

Vampires are immortal, but there are still ways to kill them. You can shoot them, but only with a real silver bullet. You can also punch a wooden stake through their hearts. But you have to know where they sleep during the day.

Garlic, for example, helps to defend oneself against vampires. They don't like the smell. A cross also helps to keep the vampires off your neck. Vampires can't stand the light of the sun either. They don't like mirrors because their image cannot be seen in them.

The most famous of all vampires is probably Count Dracula from Romania. There are numerous books and films about him. It was invented by a writer around 1900. It was precisely after this that the vampires became very popular in fantasy.

  • A suitcase with all sorts of things you need to kill vampires. Apparently someone came up with it around 1840.

  • These fans dressed up as Selas and Alucard, from a comic about vampires.

  • Fake ears and fingernails for a vampire film from 1979, “Nosferatu” with Klaus Kinski

  • A play with vampires

  • The vampire bat is so named because it drinks animal blood.

  • Vampires in the musical "Dance of the Vampires"

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