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Simply repair your Samsung Galaxy S7 yourself

Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 back cover defective, is your glass back splintered, has scratches, cracks or is the back cover peeling off? Here you can change or replace the back quickly and cheaply yourself. If the back of your Samsung Galaxy S7 is broken, you will find detailed Samsung Galaxy S7 back cover instructions including video instructions and all the spare parts and tools you need to change your back cover here. Buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 back cover and get started right away. The costs of a Samsung Galaxy S7 battery cover repair are lower than buying a new one and are good for the environment. We hope you enjoy repairing the Samsung Galaxy S7 back cover! Please note: Smartphone manufacturers may not provide original spare parts. Therefore, we always list a replica that is both good and inexpensive. The information is given without guarantee.

Video instructions for replacing the Galaxy S7 back cover

Self-repair picture guide: Samsung Galaxy S7 back cover

  • Tools & tools

    You will need the following tools to repair the back cover: - Suction cup - Plastic pick - Hair dryer - Playing card or similar - If you have everything together, we can start.

  • Switch off the mobile phone

    First turn off your cell phone.

  • Step 1: heat the phone

    Use the hair dryer to gently warm the back of the phone. NOTE: The device should not be heated above 60 ° C, otherwise internal components may be damaged

  • Step 2: open the phone

    Place the suction cup on the back and carefully try to lift the back cover. As soon as you get a card or similar between the back cover and the frame, you can slowly work your way around the frame. TIP: The process can take a little longer, it is better to use several short heating phases.

  • Step 3: remove glue

    Once you have successfully removed the back cover, you can clean the frame from excess old glue. So the new back cover can hold better

  • Step 4: attach a new back cover

    If you have a new back cover with pre-assembled adhesive, all you have to do is peel off the protective film, place it on the frame and press firmly. Optionally, you can then go over the edges again with the hair dryer to briefly warm the adhesive. If your new back cover does not have its own adhesive, you can also use a single adhesive film, where you first remove a protective film and attach the adhesive to the frame. Then remove the other protective film and attach the back cover.

  • Step 5: Done!

    You did it, you have successfully changed your back cover and can now fully enjoy your mobile phone again. We wish you a lot of fun! :)

There are various ways to repair your back cover for the Galaxy S7. If you would like to repair it yourself, you will find a short instruction video below which describes the process in detail. You can find all the tools you need and a new back cover linked next to the video and get it in our shop. You can also find easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions below on this page. If a self-repair is not the right thing for you, you can also find a repairer with us who will help you quickly. However, if your Galaxy S7 is so broken that the repair is no longer worthwhile, you will find various options at the end of the page to donate your mobile phone so that the valuable raw materials can be recycled and sustainable projects can benefit. You will also find alternatives to sell your cell phone and buy used or refurbished devices.

The instructions were good, cover from the linked offer fits. However, the included adhesive strip is rubbish, does not stick to the cover at all. Warming doesn’t help either. Hence a 2 star deduction.

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