How do I improve my hearing

Hearing can be trained

As far as hearing is concerned, the processes in the brain can be influenced by intensive training. Experiments with rats have shown this. The research results could one day benefit children with auditory processing problems.

A Chinese-American research team has succeeded in training young rats in such a way that they can better differentiate between important noises and disruptive background noises. The rats were taught to react to certain noises by means of intensive behavioral training.

The effects of these experiments on the animals' brains were still present two months after training. The animals that suffered from noise-induced hearing loss were even able to hear again.

The series of experiments has shown that the hearing-related processes in the brain can be influenced by training. This could lead to the advancement of techniques that enable people to better distinguish sounds from one another. According to the scientists, children with auditory processing disorders are a group that could benefit from this new knowledge.

Sources:, Reuters

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