What if the SCP Foundation existed?

How can the SCP Foundation keep its secrecy in a technologically changing world?

It's actually easier than ever. To address a few points:

Everyone knows that the internet is full of fakes. A few decades ago, a photo was some kind of proof that something existed. Today, your realistic Bigfoot smartphone footage may be photographed by a 15-year-old who lives in his parents' basement. Only idiots believe all of these conspiracy theories with no evidence from a credible source. (And if SCP exists, they certainly run most fact-checking websites).

Likewise, the message cycle is faster than ever. There's no time for long investigations, and even if a journalist does have a story about incredible objects, it's just fake news and conspiracy theories. If the media persists, just post the next sex tape, arrange a mass shooting, or just wait for the next public statement from the president and your story will be old news.

Simply stop recruiting from First World countries for test subjects. There are more than enough Mexicans disappearing into mass graves in a drug war, refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and drug traffickers accused of being shot in the Philippines.

When it comes to leaks, your surveillance is constantly improving, and staff know it. While they might have gotten away with mailing an envelope to a journalist a few decades ago, today you will get the GPS on their phones (leaving home without it definitely will Give cause for investigation) tell you exactly when you went to the mailbox. And if they're crazy enough to try something anyway, did you know that many parts, including power steering, in modern cars these days are computer controlled?

Of course there may be stupid politicians, but politicians are never told anything important anyway. Some may have stumbled upon the deep state, but they are fully aware of its real purpose.

Finally, the most important part: create a website that will catalog all of the things that you store. Call it scp-wiki or something. Then, if anyone gets wind of some of your operations, just point them to the listing and tell them they just ran into a joke inspired by this weird internet horror site.

Destructible lemon

While I understand that you're probably not 100% serious about the "scp-wiki site exists in the universe", it's worth noting that security measures within the scp foundation require researchers to know no more than they need to, and if all were so Researchers available on scp-wiki could see pretty much any file that they shouldn't have access to.

Ambrose Winters

Maybe the files are fake.