Can you really learn something from life?

22 life wisdom that I was able to learn after 22 years of living

Today is March 24th, 2012 and it is my 22nd birthday. Party Party! But damn it, I have to admit, time actually flies! If, not so long ago, I wanted nothing more than to get older, I would like to have a chance today to hit PAUSE and stay 22 forever.

To be honest, I'm not the type of person who causes a big stir because of my birthday. For me it remains a day like any other. However, there is one valuable thing that birthdays bring to me and that is the opportunity to look back and reflect.

The opportunity to reflect on the really important things in life again and find out whether the things you did in the past year really benefit you. And how could that work better than with an article about the 22 wisdoms and teachings that I have been able to collect on this planet over the past 22 years.

Perhaps one or the other now thinks that I have nothing of value to share due to my young age, but I can assure everyone that I have already gone through ups and downs in my life, which have taught me a lot and certainly also can be of use to many others. So let's start right away ...

Wisdom No. 1: Time is more valuable than money

For me, this wisdom is one of the enlightenment of my past 3 years. For this reason I have put them right at the top (the remaining wisdoms are more or less unsorted).

Understanding that time is the most precious resource of all is by far one of the most important lessons in life, as in business. Even if not everyone may believe this right away, but money can be accumulated & increased - but not time!

For this reason, your primary goal in life should not be to earn money, but to give you more freedom and independence - more time! This wisdom was among other things the reason why I started my own business 3 years ago and set up my first online business.

Only this gave me full control over my time and offered me unprecedented freedom. The time you have in this world is an essential variable in the formula for determining your wealth, your success, your health, your relationships, your experiences & your happiness in life - therefore use it wisely.

Wisdom No. 2: It may be over tomorrow!

This wisdom underlines once again the message of number 1 and makes it immediately clear why time is actually the most valuable resource we have in life. Whether you like what I do, you can't stand it, or you couldn't care less, we both have one thing in common:

We will die!

Hopefully not tomorrow or next week, but death is a fate that no one on this earth has been able to escape and that we all have to face. As soon as you see the light of this world, you already have one foot in the hereafter - those are the rules of the game and nothing can be turned on them!

Although I am not afraid of death, I still appreciate and respect the message that comes with it. Instead of being afraid of the end of life, you should welcome this as a valuable inspiration into your life and ask yourself every day: "What if tomorrow was the last day of my life?"

The most important wisdom from Steve Jobs

Here's another great video that you should definitely watch as something of a complement to this wisdom. In his closing speech at Stanford, Steve Jobs presents his best life wisdom:

Wisdom No. 3: Concentrate on the really important things in life & in business

Seriously, have you ever taken a moment and asked yourself what are the really important things in your life & your business? In today's world it is all too easy to be distracted by the incessant noise and the constant bombardment of impressions, advertising messages and offers and not pay enough attention to the really important things in life.

Yes, life is stressful, I know!

But do not let anything cloud your view of your goals, your dreams & especially the really important people in your life.

Find out what really matters to you and what produces results. Only then can you use your talents, your knowledge and your skills in a targeted manner to achieve these goals and to exploit your full potential. Wherever your focus is directed, your energy will also flow there!

Wisdom No. 4: Learn to appreciate the slopes too

After 22 years of life, I too can see the wisdom behind the often flippant expression: “Life is no picnic!”. It is perfectly true that life is not all about heights. But just like on a roller coaster, you wouldn't appreciate the highs without the lows in life.

Life is probably the craziest roller coaster of all and occasionally there are a few curves, loops and even steep descents. No matter how hard these steep rides may seem to you (& how seemingly infinite they sometimes seem), you should never forget that at some point you will always go uphill.

Life is a game - not torture!

Exactly for this reason you should stop “clinging to the handle” in the difficult moments and situations of your life and believing that this descent will never end. It makes much more sense in these moments to take a deep breath, smile and look in anticipation towards the next incline.

Wisdom No. 5: Be grateful for what you have and for who you are

Gratitude is something like an almost forgotten virtue. Honestly, just between us, when was the last time you got up in the morning and were just grateful for everything you have and for who you are?

Do you feel just like me and you are always too busy to have the time to be grateful for the things and the people in your life for just 5 minutes a day? Day in, day out, we prefer to be busy striving for what others have instead of realizing that there are so many people who have so much less than ourselves and what is in ours Gives life to be thankful for.

I'll tell you something here: Start every morning to be grateful for all the beautiful things in your life and you will feel an unprecedented drive & deep satisfaction. Because being happy is not as complicated as we often think.

Wisdom No. 6: Your past says nothing about your future

I have to be honest, I don't believe in anything like fate. I just dislike the idea that I cannot influence what and when something happens in my life. Of course there are events in life that are not under our control, but by “fate” I mean this “life set in stone” that we cannot control in any way.

I think I always have the opportunity to change the course of my life myself - to set the sail again! And if you think about this idea for a moment, it becomes clear what incredible freedom it has given us as humans.

We can always realign the sails of our lives!

Knowing that no matter where you are in life, how tricky and hopeless the situation you are in may look, you always have the opportunity to change your future through your decisions and actions, but gives you a deep feeling of security and confidence and makes you look forward with hope, doesn't it?

It doesn't matter what your past is / was, what horrific things you have already had to go through or how broken the social environment in which you grew up was. All of these things cannot affect your future as long as you don't give them control over your current thinking & decisions. It is solely your future and you are fully responsible for it!

Wisdom No. 7: Be careful who you surround yourself with

Numerous studies have shown that people are not only significantly influenced by their social environment, but that this also plays an essential role in the question of a person's income.

Put simply: what the people around you earn - your colleagues, your friends, your family members - also determines your income.

This does not mean that you should go out and "get rid of" all the people who do not deserve what you hope for in your life in order to "not expose themselves to their bad influence", but that you also try to be positive influences Bringing your life that will help you achieve your goals & your desired income.

You are the average of the people you surround yourself with

The other important thing in relation to the social environment that I was able to experience painfully myself is that as soon as you try to make more of your life and achieve your dreams, there will always be people who will try you down to them to pull.

So keep an eye out for the real friends in your life who will support you and motivate you

Wisdom # 8: To be successful, you have to study success

It is clear that each of us wants to be successful in life, doesn't it? No matter what the definition of success may look like in your eyes. For me, success doesn't mean wealth / money, power, or possessions like cars, yachts or villas.

The best definition I have ever found for “success” is this:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal!” - Earl Nightingale

Goals cannot be achieved overnight and not just like that, you need a progressive and constant development towards the goal. How slow this may seem at times! This means it takes a never-ending level of willingness to learn everything about how to achieve your goals and become successful with them.

You have to be ready day in and day out to read the books, watch the videos, listen to the audio programs, attend the seminars and simply use every possible channel to learn the relationships, systems, methods, strategies, rules & ideas that it takes to become successful with what you have set for yourself as your worthwhile goal in life.

Wisdom No. 9: To be happy, you have to study happiness

This wisdom is related to wisdom 8 and basically contains the same message, but with reference to happiness in life. Of course, this does not mean luck in gambling, but the degree of joy and satisfaction that you feel in your life.

It should be understood that happiness and success are two different things and that success alone does not make you happy! So the only correct conclusion in my eyes here is that you start to want to learn all about what it takes to be really happy.

So start studying the books, videos, audios & seminars that will help you become a loving parent, an understanding partner, a self-sacrificing brother / sister, an attentive son, a helpful daughter, and simply a better person. A real FlowFinder!

My most important point about happiness in life is that you should always give more than you expect. Give it a try and I am sure that you will be positively surprised by the effect on your relationships and your life.

Wisdom No. 10: Work harder on yourself than on your job

Tell me, is it possible for two people to work in the same company, sacrifice the same number of hours a week for their work, and still receive wages at the end of the month that couldn't be more different?

How is that possible?

Quite simply: we are not paid for the time we invest in our job - we are paid for the added value we add to the company / marketplace over a given period of time.

This means that you don't have to sacrifice more time for your job in order to earn more money, but you have to learn how to become more valuable to the company or the marketplace in the same time.

So you have to learn how to make yourself, your knowledge, your skills or your product so indispensable for the company / marketplace that instead of a € 8 hourly wage, you earn a € 50, € 500 or maybe even € 5,000 hourly wage. Because only if you grow personally will your income grow too!

Wisdom # 11: Giving up is always a choice. But often not the right one!

Challenges are a natural part of life. Even if most of them try to avoid them! Hardly anyone loves to be under pressure and to have to get out of their comfort zone.

But at the end of the day, this painful leap over one's own shadow and inner weaker self is exactly what makes us grow as humans - what makes us better, faster, smarter and more successful.

After numerous of these challenges in my life I have learned two things: 1. I'm not the type to give up easily & 2. Giving up is always a choice that we make with ourselves. How often have you outgrown yourself in your life? Have you achieved something that you or someone else did not trust you to do?

The difference between the times you made it through to the end and the times you failed the challenge (when you gave up) was solely in your desire to master the challenge.

Hold on! It will be worth it!

If this is big enough, you grit your teeth, go on and hold on. If it isn't, you give up! Therefore, the next time you are faced with a challenge in life that is so difficult you want to throw in the towel, remember that this is a choice you have to make. Not that circumstances or other people are to blame for not being able to make it.

Wisdom No. 12: You have to apply what you have learned

I am now making this wisdom as simple as possible and get right to the point. Ready? Put your smartphone away, get your bum off the couch, turn off the TV and finally do some real action!

I'm sorry if that was a bit too harsh and direct, but sometimes there is no other way to understand it. There is no point watching sports / football on the telly for 10 hours a week if you actually wanted to go jogging.

You can't hire anyone to do the sit-ups for you either!

It is the same with everything else in life! There is no point in studying the books for your project, watching the videos for your motivation or meeting like-minded people at seminars, as long as you are not actually DOING what you are supposed to do!

Wisdom No. 13: Find the right role models in life

Have you ever thought that you have had role models your entire life? Whether consciously or unconsciously, each of us orients ourselves to others and tries to learn from them and to navigate through life.

That is only human and actually not that bad, as long as you consciously decide who or what to take as a role model.

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The right role models help us to adjust our standards and they give us the opportunity to develop faster with the help of their knowledge and experience. So the right role models can act as a catalyst, but the wrong ones can act as a brake on our personal development.

So instead of using any TV or magazine celebrities as role models who are of no value to us and our lives, we should think carefully about which people are worth looking up to, being inspired by and by them to learn.

Wisdom No. 14: You are not the only person you owe it to!

Clearly, it is your life and therefore your responsibility to shape it in such a way that you are truly happy and use your full potential.

I think we owe that to ourselves.I have made it my life resolution to make the best of what I can, not only because I owe it to myself, but also to my parents.

You left everything behind you a good 17 years ago (friends, family & property) and emigrated to Germany with me and my brother - with nothing more than 2 suitcases. It was a difficult time for me and my parents back then, and every day I appreciate what they sacrificed to give me and my brother a better life.

Who do you owe it to?

Exactly for this reason I not only owe it to myself to be successful & happy. And very likely there is someone in your life to whom you owe it to make the best of yourself and your possibilities. Be it your parents, your grandparents, your partner or your children. It is also not something of an obligation, but rather a great opportunity to be grateful.

Wisdom # 15: In the end, you will regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did

Each of us makes mistakes from time to time that we then regret. Sometimes more sometimes less. We're all human, after all. But all these mistakes, mishaps and oversights will not concern you as much as the things you have neglected to do in your life in the face of your death.

All the (business) opportunities that you didn't take advantage of, all the people you never met, the jump off the plane that you never dared, the ride on the roller coaster that you never faced, or the charming woman you didn't dare to speak to.

In the end you will remember all these things and regret that you did not have the curiosity, perseverance or courage back then to make them part of your reality and your experiences on this earth.

So don't waste any time and start doing the things you've always wanted to do today, because don't forget: it may be over tomorrow! (Wisdom No. 2)

Wisdom No. 16: On the way to success you will encounter failure one or the other time

This is almost something of a "classic". Without exception, every successful person in this world can confirm to you that success and failure can only be bought in the "combination package".

It's like the yin and the yang, the positive and the negative, the good and the bad ... oh what am I talking about, it's actually a lot easier: you will get pissed off one time or the other on the way to success ! Well, what's the matter?

Just be aware of it and if it happens, pick yourself up again immediately, shake off the dirt and carry on - or stay on the track! It's your choice! (Wisdom No. 11)

Wisdom No. 17: It is easy to lose sight of your goal

Nobody said it would be easy! But that is by no means a reason to stop. Pursuing worthwhile goals & achieving them is never easy. Of course, in direct comparison it is much easier to throw in the towel or to let yourself be distracted by the next best thing.

Decide on a web and then pull it off at full throttle!

I mean, you probably know that kind of people too, don't you? Those who seem somehow never to be able to make up their minds and who never stick to one thing completely. Every week they have new goals and at the end of the day they don't achieve any of them.

I've learned that in order to avoid this, you need to set yourself a clear goal and a precise route / strategy for how you plan to achieve that goal. This is the only way to keep your eyes on your goal and never lose sight of it.

We're all just groping in the fog! The secret is to choose a direction and always walk straight ahead. Because that's the only way out of this fog.

Wisdom No. 18: Live according to your own ideas and guidelines

Even if it is extremely important to have the right role models in life (wisdom no. 13), it is nevertheless extremely advisable never to become a “confirmation-seeking automatic copier”.

There was never and never will be another like you. Therefore live like this! Do not look to others or seek external confirmation of who you are, who you still want to be, or what you do.

If you know it's right for you, just do it and don't wait for someone to give you their approval - you don't need it!

We are all "brainwashed" by society

We already live in a society that significantly determines and influences our thinking, our ideas, our actions, even our dreams and goals through social, cultural or societal guidelines and laws.

We always try to adapt to be "normal" and not to step out of line. But it is precisely those who step out of line, who accomplish incredible things in their lives and make their dreams come true!

Wisdom No. 19: The next 10 years will be like the last 10 as long as you don't change anything

You should understand that the sum total of all the small decisions and actions that you have committed in your past are responsible for where you find yourself right now in your life.

The same decisions, followed by the same level of dedication to implement them, always lead to the same results! It's almost like an equation whose constants & variables are never exchanged!

You have to swap the constants!

Your past thinking & acting has brought you to this point in your life. This also means that your future decisions and actions determine where you will find yourself in 5, 10 or 20 years.

If you don't want the coming years of your life to be the same as the past, then "just" change the variables & constants in the equation - so change the way you think, your decisions & your actions! Changing your life may not be easy, but it is definitely possible!

Wisdom # 20: Have the courage to say “I'm sorry”

It takes greatness to admit to yourself that you were wrong and to ask forgiveness from another person. Countless relationships and partnerships have already broken down due to stubbornness and the lack of courage to say “I'm sorry”.

Don't let your ego sabotage the relationships in your life! If you know that you were wrong, or wronged another person, then also prove the greatness of asking that person for forgiveness, otherwise it will very likely become one of your greatest regrets in life.

It can really be something as simple as a forgiveness that comes from the heart that ensures you all the wonderful friendships and relationships in your life.

Wisdom No. 21: Find your topic and don't be afraid to ask the right questions

Too often we miss wonderful experiences or even real “aha moments” because we don't have the courage to ask the questions that interest us.

Sometimes we shy away from it because we are afraid of making a fool of ourselves and "appearing stupid" in front of others. Because we are afraid of what others might think or say about us. However, every day on which you do not ask any new questions is also a day on which you will certainly not receive a new answer & solution.

The right questions can change your life!

So it's the right questions that lead us to the right answers - that make us grow. So find what interests & excite you most in life and start to find out what the right questions are that you can ask in order to get the right answers in this area.

Wisdom No. 22: Do what you love - every day & for the rest of your life!

It is 3:00 a.m. on my 22nd birthday and I'm trying to wrap up this article so that I can publish it in a few hours.

And that makes me incredibly happy!

The fact that it gives me real pleasure until late at night to write such an article or my most important life wisdom, which I can then share with other people via the Internet & maybe even inspire them, shows me that I am on the right path and have started to do in my life what I love with all my heart!

Life is known to be damn short (I'm really getting old) and that's why there is simply no place in it for people you can't stand and especially for a job that you don't like to do.

So stop unconsciously telling yourself that all these negative things & the wrong friends belong in your life and that “everything is not that easy.” Instead, make sure that you locate such “lucky killers” and find them forever banish from your life - so that you can finally do what makes you happy!

Because I can already tell you what will almost certainly be the last question you will ask yourself when the sky bells ring out for you: “Have I really lived in my life and done what gave me real joy? "

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Even more wisdom to think about

As I said at the beginning, this is a list of life wisdom that I was able to take with me personally after 22 years of life - my very personal life wisdom. Of course, you don't have to agree with me on every point here and share my view of things. Still, I hope that you enjoyed at least a few of these wisdoms and that they gave you food for thought.

I would be extremely happy if you would share this list with others and forward it to friends or acquaintances. So that these 22 wisdoms reach and motivate as many people as possible. If you are looking for more life wisdom, I can also recommend this article from me, in which I have put together the best life wisdoms from great thinkers, pioneers & signposts: 101 life wisdoms that you should know. Have fun with it!

Use your potential
Alex Bellon

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