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Does it break Drake's heart?

Rihanna (28) sees the relationship with Drake (29) a little differently than he does.

The two music stars ('Work') have actually been in love since 2006, with small interruptions this romance finally led to a love confession from Drake at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards - he has not got it out of his head since he was 22 years old he revealed. So everything would be really perfect, but "they are on different levels in their relationship," said an acquaintance to 'Grazia' magazine.

"Drake absolutely loves Rihanna and would marry her tomorrow if he could. He had made his feelings clear about her. Now that it's all public, it's changing the whole game. She's still unsure whether they'll commit Friends worry because she describes Drake as 'like a big brother'. "

It really doesn't sound like Rihanna has any great feelings. "Things are going well for the two of them now, but the people close to Drake are concerned that he will end up heartbroken." The Canadian rapper should be used to that from RiRi, however, because as early as 2010 he explained that Rihanna had simply disappeared from the scene after they had spent some "quality time" together - Drake showed great understanding for their behavior, because with his Flames he pulled off the same story.

Even if Drake and Rihanna's relationship doesn't last until the end of their days, they still have that recently acquired partner tattoo that reminds them of each other - and that lasts forever.

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