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Range Rover Evoque: trendsetter now also as a plug-in hybrid

The second generation of the Range Rover Evoque is extremely luxurious - and should now learn to save as a plug-in hybrid. Will that work? Test drive in a 309 hp compact SUV.

  • Plug-in hybrid Evoque P300e with 55 km electric range

  • All engines are electrified

  • Price list starts at a good 38,000 euros

Even the first generation of the Range Rover Evoque was a style icon that managed the balancing act between a sporty, yet elegant appearance with flying colors. That has not changed with the current, second generation: It also comes from outside very stylish therefore, technically (hybrid engines) and in terms of value (noble interior) has developed enormously.

SUV coupé with retractable door handles

TheDesign principlewith the steeply sloping roofline and the waistline rising at the same time has not changed. Extremely narrow matrix LED headlights at the front and matching rear lights with dynamic indicators as well as extendable door handles that disappear flush in the body are new. The large ones are also a central optical element20- or 21-inch diameter wheels, which cost between 2500 and 3300 € surcharge. From a technical point of view, this is a daring undertaking, because the comfort of the chassis usually suffers enormously as a result. But not with the Evoque, which even with 20-inchers can comfortably ride over undulating road surfaces and lowered manhole covers unrolls satisfactorily.

The Evoque brings a new technology"see-through" bonnet With. Thanks to a sophisticated camera system, the driver can see the area under the front of the car on his display, which is supposed to be just as helpful in difficult cross-country passages as when parking in tight spaces.

The SUV offers one Ground clearance of 212 millimeters as well as one Approach angle of 25 degrees at the front or 30.6 degrees at the rear - that makes the small Range Rover in conjunction with the numerous assistance systems for off-road use off-road.

Clearly structured interior

I'm surprising for the vehicle class high quality interior diminish smooth, clear surfaces and emphasized minimalist lines - somehow reminiscent of a Volvo that got lost in England. The digital one 12.3-inch driver display displays speed and engine speed in the form of easy-to-read round instruments. The center console has two screens: the upper one controls the navigation system, the lower one controls all other functions that are clearly structured and can be operated perfectly - even if the touch-sensitive surfaces sometimes have one Make it necessary to look away from traffic for a long time so that the correct button is pressed.

The optional Head-Up Display projects important information such as speed, current gear and navigation instructions directly onto the windscreen in the driver's field of vision. The selector lever of the fine shifting Automatic (eight or nine gears, depending on the version) is designed as a joystick and is easy to operate.

More wheelbase for more space

Compared to its predecessor, the Evoque was no longer. But because it is based on the new steel platform from Jaguar Land Rover,the wheelbase lengthened, what benefits the rear passengers in particular: 20 millimetersmore knee room do not sound like much, but are clearly noticeable. The entry to the rear remains difficult due to the sloping roof line and the narrow door cutout in the foot area. In addition, the sills are high and are therefore a bit difficult to negotiate.

The coupé-like body shape with its high loading sill is also to blame for the fact that the Evoque is not a real loadmaster: it grips under the trunk cover Luggage room of the Evoque only 315 liters measured by the ADAC (works specification 472). After all, the rear holds 1200 liters when the 40:20:20 split rear seat is folded down.

At the front, the driver and front passenger enjoy well-shaped seatsvery generous feeling of space.For a surcharge (in the driver assistant package 1300 €) with an absolute innovation in this class: Dem"ClearSight Smart-View" interior rearview mirror,which turns into a high-resolution screen at the push of a button. It shows the image of a roof-mounted, rear-facing camera with a large 50-degree field of view. In principle great - however, depending on the position of the sun, the driver's head is sometimes also reflected.

Range Rover Evoque: Engines and Prices

The Evoque engine range includes two diesels with 163 and 204 hp, four petrol engines (160 to 300 hp) and a plug-in hybrid (309 hp system output). All engine variants with the exception of the plug-in are mild hybrids. So you have an additional one48 volt battery on board, which brings its energy into the drive system via a belt starter generator. This supports the combustion engine when accelerating and saves fuel. The starter generator feeds the energy generated when braking or decelerating back into the 48 V battery.

The consequence of designing all engines as mild hybrids is praiseworthy. However, one should not overestimate the technology, even if the consumption values ​​read well on paper. If you want a dynamic drive that matches the look, you should opt for a more powerful engine than the basic units with 160 and 163 - after all, the compact Evoque brings you even in the basic version around 1.8 tons on the scales.




Price from (incl. 16% VAT).)

Gasoline engine


118 kW / 160 PS

6.8 l Super / 100 km, 154 g CO₂ / km

38.113 €

P200 AWD

147 kW / 200 PS

7.6 - 7.8 l super / 100 km, 172 - 176 g CO₂ / km

43.938 €

P250 AWD

184 kW / 250 PS

7.7 - 7.9 l super / 100 km, 175 - 180 g CO₂ / km

48.048 €

P300 AWD

221 kW / 300 PS

7.4 - 7.6 l super / 100 km, 174 - 179 g CO₂ / km

52.516 €

P300e AWD (plug-in hybrid)

227 kW / 309 PS

2.0 l Super + 15.9 kWh / 100 km, 43 g CO₂ / km

54.563 €


D165 (AWD)

120 kW / 163 PS

5.0 (5.3) l diesel / 100 km, 131 (139) g CO₂ / km

37.894 € (42.915 €)

D200 AWD

150 kW / 204 PS

5.3 - 5.4 l diesel / 100 km, 139 - 144 g CO₂ / km

46.532 €

The plug-in hybrid has an impressive 309 hp

The most interesting in the engine range is certainly that Plug-in hybrid as the latest version called P300e. As with the entry-level petrol engine, a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo provides propulsion, which alone produces an impressive 200 hp and acts on the front axle. Combined with an 80 kW / 109 PS electric motor, the drive duo has a system output of 309 PS. In a compact SUV, that's a house number. In hybrid mode, things progress correspondingly rapidly when the driver presses the gas: 6.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and a top of 242 km / h speak a clear language, even if the vigor is surprisingly fast at a brisk motorway speed subsides.

The gasoline engine and electric motor work well together, and the change and interaction of the drive types works extremely well. It's also nice that Land Rover taught the three-cylinder with a balance shaft and five counterweights so well that it any vibrations typical of three cylinders are absent and you could put a fourth cylinder under it even in view of the full engine sound.

55 km purely electric range

In pure electric mode (selectable via the lower display) the petrol engine has a break - at least until the externally chargeable 15 kWh battery has given up. And here the Evoque reveals a completely different, significantly softer character. Reason: The 80 kW of the electric motor have to struggle with the almost two-ton plug-in hybrids. The acceleration is therefore very gentle and even, but by no means as stormy as in hybrid mode. In itself that's not bad and also goes with the eco-paint when the range becomes a quiet, restrained glider. But accelerating becomes a tough affair on inclines or when overtaking on the country road. The petrol engine is only switched on at kickdown and it goes faster again.

From an energetic point of view, too, the electric drive is more recommended for the city and for smooth gliding on the country road, if you really want to cover the 55 standard kilometers (WLTP) that have been promised purely electrically. 45 kilometers can be expected of the P300e even with a nervous foot on the accelerator, which should be enough for some commuters. Although the manufacturer indicates a consumption of 2.0 liters of super and 15.9 kWh per 100 kilometers on, but in practice it should not be possible. As with any plug-in, the actual relationship between electricity and petrol consumption depends heavily on usage and driving profile.

DC charging is also possible

Special feature: In contrast to most other plug-in hybrids, the Evoque can also be used at fast charging stations with direct current Charge (DC) via CCS plug. The maximum charging power there is at least 32 kW, so that 80 percent of the battery is filled in 30 minutes. AC charging at normal charging stations or wall boxes, on the other hand, is limited to 7 kW (single-phase) - but that is also a good value for a plug-in. The battery would then be 80 percent full again in an hour and a half.

Price: around 55,000 euros

So much technology has to be worth something. Specifically, at least around 55,000 euros in the basic version for the plug-in hybrid. And that's a lot for a compact SUV - albeit a very classy one.

Range Rover Evoque P300e: Technical Specifications

Technical data (manufacturer information)

Range Rover Evoque P300e

Motor / drive

3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine + electric motor, plug-in hybrid, 1498 cm³, system output 227 kW / 309 PS, 543 Nm at 1600 rpm, all-wheel drive


6.4 s to 100 km / h, 213 km / h top

Consumption (according to WLTP)

2.0 l Super + 15.9 kWh / 100 km, 43 g CO₂ / km


L 4.37 / W 2.00 / H 1.65 m


472 - 1156 l

Empty weight / payload

2157/503 kg

Trailer load (unbraked / braked)

750/1600 kg


3 years / 100,000 km


from € 54,563

Range Rover Evoque crash test result: 5 stars

The Range Rover Evoque achievedfull 5 stars. The vehicle is equipped with belt force limiters, belt tensioners, head airbags as well as optical and acoustic seat belt warnings in the first and second row of seats. Side airbags are also installed for the front seats.

The Evoque comes with acomprehensive assistance packageEquipped with automatic emergency braking and an active lane keeping system as standard.

You can find the detailed one hereRange Rover Evoque crash test report.

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